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The Hatfield McCoy feud lasted from 1863 until 1891 in West Virginia and Kentucky between two of the most infamous U.S. families; the Hatfields & the McCoys.

The Hatfield family was led by William Anderson Hatfield, nicknamed the "Devil Anse", and Randolph McCoy, aka "Ole Ran'l", led the McCoy family which emigrated from Ireland. The decades long family feud between the 'haves' (the Hatfields) and the 'have-nots' (the McCoys) began when Asa Harmon McCoy was murdered by "Devil Anse" Hatfield on January 7th, 1865. "Devil Anse" was evidently extremely upset that Asa had fought for the Union during the U.S. Civil War as the Harfield family had predominately fought for the Confederacy.

Photo of the Hatfield family clan taken in 1897.

Top row, from left to right:
Rosa Lee Hatfield (daughter of Anderson), Detroit 'Troy' Hatfield (son of Anderson), Betty Hatfield (Caldwell) (daughter of Anderson), Elias Hatfield (son of Anderson), Tom Chafin (nephew of William Anderson), Joe D. Hatfield (son of William Anderson), Ock Damron, Shephard Hatfield (son of Cap), Levicy Emma Hatfield (daughter of Cap), and Bill Border (store clerk).

Second row, from left to right:
Mrs. Mary Hensley-Simpkins-Howes (daughter of Anderson) with daughter Vici Simpkins, William Anderson 'Devil Anse' Hatfield, Levicy Chafin Hatfield (wife of Anderson), Nancy Elizabeth Hatfield (wife of Cap) with son Robert Elliott Hatfield, Louise Hatfield (daughter of Cap), Cap Hatfield, and Coleman Hatfield (son of Cap)

Front row, from left to right:
Tennyson 'Tennis' Hatfield (son of Anderson), Levicy Hatfield (daughter of Johnse), Willis Hatfield (son of Anderson), and 'Watch' or 'Yellow Watch' ('Devil Anse's' coon and bear dog)
at Hatfield Family Farm, Tug Fork, Virginia USA


Suzanne Williams Great picture. Fascinating to see.
May 30, 2012 · Reply
Denise Lee Cousin Ock Damron!!!! Crazy how family used to be in the 1800's
Nov 01, 2012 · Reply
Karen Ferguson Blanton Hi Denise - Are you related to the Damron's in Wayne Co, W VA? If so, please contact me at [contact link]
Jul 20, 2014 · Reply
Paula Faulkner I was adopted as a teenager. But my biological grandmother was ada Hatfield an father was Herman Hatfield my bio mother was a lady named Janet Thompson I was raised in Ripley Ohio an was told my father lived in ky. Met him several times. But after my mother gave me up for adoption I lost contact with him an ada if you all know of any info please let me know. Email is [contact link]. Phone number is 601-946-1415. Please email or text me
May 21, 2015 · Reply
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