John (Johann) Lemm 1910 Switzerland

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John (Johann) Lemm, a Swiss catch wrestler. Catch wrestlers performed in carnivals in the 1800's and early 1900's. Catch wrestling was an amateur sport that later spread in popularity throughout Europe, spreading to the United States.

Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress, Bain News Service
in USA


John B. I want that body... and it's all natural... i like that... the retro hair-do ain't bad either
Mar 08, 2012 · Reply
Kathy Pinna LOL John . . . yes, it is amazing what a body can look like without steroids and/or other chemical enhancements. I guess you can have it too - if you devote your entire life to it!! And the retro hair . . . that's possible too! ;)
Mar 08, 2012 · Reply
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