Katie E. and Annie L. Todd with unknown friend

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Katie E. and Annie L. Todd with unknown friend. The is a studio photo taken in about 1897 in either Casper or Thermopolis, Wyoming. My aunt Katie E. (Todd) Johnson is at the left and my aunt Annie A. (Todd) Wood is at the right. The seated girl is unknown but may be a Bedsaul. My grandparents John R. and Martha A. Todd moved from Missouri to Wyoming in about 1885 and owned sawmills in the Casper mountains and later in the Owl Creek mountains. They built and operated a lumberyard and the Hot Springs Hotel in Thermopolis and homesteaded in the Owl Creek valley west of Thermopolis.

Mystery: Do you know the seated girl?


Randi Johnson I'm not sure I'm going in the right direction, it could be nothing. My father was born in Casper, WY in 1947. My brother's name is Todd after one of our ancestors and the name Martha Todd is ringing a bell somewhere. It could be coincidence but I'd like to compare notes sometime if you'd like to send me a message. I don't have much research left, it was given to my brother in another state when my father passed, but I have several pictures of other relatives and some names for comparison. Let me know.
Feb 19, 2005 · Reply
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