Katie E. and Annie L. Todd with unknown friend

Updated Feb 19, 2022
Royal Todd shared a photo
on Feb 16, 2005 12:00 AM
Katie E. and Annie L. Todd with unknown friend. The is a studio photo taken in about 1897 in either Casper or Thermopolis, Wyoming. My aunt Katie E. (Todd) Johnson is at the left and my aunt Annie A. (Todd) Wood is at the right. The seated girl is unknown but may be a Bedsaul. My grandparents John R. and Martha A. Todd moved from Missouri to Wyoming in about 1885 and owned sawmills in the Casper mountains and later in the Owl Creek mountains. They built and operated a lumberyard and the Hot Springs Hotel in Thermopolis and homesteaded in the Owl Creek valley west of Thermopolis.
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