LCT Unloading Cargo from a Liberty Ship

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This is one of 3 watercolors that I painted in 1995 for a WW2 exhibition in Asheville, North Carolina. Local veteran artists were asked to exhibit their paintings of WW2 events in celebration of the 50th anniversary of V-J Day. Margaret and I lived in Asheville from 1992 to 1999. This is a painting that illustrates a lot of what LCTs (Landing Craft Tank) did during WW2 - unload cargo from ships anchored out from bases were there were no docks. The LCT would take the cargo to a base beach where trucks would come aboard and unload the cargo. My painting is unloading a rice cargo from the Liberty Ship "Molina Michael" in Leyte Gulf, Philippine Islands, 1945. I donated this watercolor to the 1996 LCT Group 24 reunion that was held in Sodus Point, New York - for a raffle with the proceeds going to the Navy Memorial in Washington, DC.


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