LCT Unloading Cargo off a Liberty Ship - WW2

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When Fred Halkett was living in Asheville, North Carolina he was very active in its art league and did a lot of painting.

In 1995, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of V-J day, many of the WW2 veteran artists living in the area were asked to submit any paintings they had for the war in the Pacific for a month-long city exhibition.

Fred painted 3 watercolors.

This one illustrates a lot of what LCTs did during WW2 - unload cargo from ships anchored out in bases were there were no docks. The LCT would take the cargo to a base beach where trucks would come aboard and unload the cargo.

His painting is unloading a rice cargo from the the Liberty Ship "Moina Michael" in Leyte Gulf, Philippine Islands, 1945.

As an aside, LCTers would always see that any of the cargo they needed was "obtained" before beaching for unloading! They did not need rice or 500lb bombs - but when carry cigarettes and beer, etc. ashore not all gor there.


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