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Lola May Hornbacker, eldest child of John David Hornbacker (1859-1941) and Mary Ellen Schwenk (1863-1904). Lola was born Nov. 1989 in Peoria, Peoria Co, IL. This tintype was taken 1892/3. John David Hornbacker was the son of Joseph C. Hornba(c)ker and Eliza Maple Hornba(c)ker of Mapleton, IL. Mary Ellen Schwenk was the dau of Leonard Schwenk and Rebecca Singley of Menard Co, IL. Mary Ellen died in 1904 of Tuberculosus.Lola was the eldest sibling to Gilbert Frederick "Fritzy" Hornbacker (1893-1964) and Howard Maple Hornbacker (1898-1990). Lola never married and in 1906 recieved her Music diploma (studied under Ms. Burkholder) and was a well known piano teacher in Peoria, IL (as was her father, John D Hornbacker). She lived on California Ave in Peoria, IL.
at Peoria,IL, Peoria, IL USA


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