Sherman Hemsley & Carrol O'Connor

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A photo of Sherman Hemsley (George Jefferson) and Carrol O' Connor (Archie Bunker) on the set of "All in the Family" in the early 1970's. George could hold his own against Archie, which was no mean feat!

Sherman Hemsley was born Sherman Alexander Hemsley on February 1, 1938 in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After dropping out of high school in the 10th grade, he joined the Air Force and served for four years. When he left the Air Force, he went to work for the U.S. Post Office, transferring from Philadelphia to New York where he could pursue acting.

While acting in the play "Purlie" on Broadway, Norman Lear (the creator of "All in the Family") saw him and asked him to play George Jefferson on the show. Eventually, his role (and family) was spun off to the highly successful Norman Lear show "The Jeffersons."

After a long run on "The Jeffersons," Sherman returned to Broadway and acting in a variety of venues as well as performing as a musician, once on "Soul Train." He never married and had no children.

Sherman Hemsley died in El Paso, Texas on July 24, 2012, apparently of natural causes, at the age of 74.
at Studio, Hollywood, Los Angeles County, California USA


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