Sweet Puppy Nixon family photo
Barbara Williams

Sweet Puppy

Puppy named 'Jeff' belonging to Cecil Nixon

The Mystery

The back of this card says'This is our new pup. His hame is Jeff. He's two months old and knows two tricks now. I haven't dressed him in doll clothes yet. Cecil Nixon' and it is addressed to 'Miss Gladys Nixon, 1207 Farrel St, Butte, Mont.' It was mailed from Hamilton, Montana March 11, 1912.

I am not a Nixon descendant. These photos were in an antique shop and I like to buy identified photos to return to the families that they belong to.

If you know who belongs to these photos, please contact me so that I might send them to the rightful owners. There will be no charge. This is simply a gift.

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Poor puppy looks so lonesome!!!
Mar 26, 2011 1:32 pm reply
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