The Arkansas Home of Homer Sheeks & Kate (Stephens)

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Seated on the porch of this beautiful spacious home, on the near left is friend, Tom Burlington. Seated on a swing on the right side of the porch is Kate, Homer's wife. Standing in front of the house is Homer Sheeks. Homer and Kate had three sons all born in Indiana, before they moved to Arkansas: Arthur D. Sheeks (Dec 1888-1946); Harry A. Sheeks (23 Sep 1894-Jan 1942) and Reath A. Sheeks (9 Aug 1900-7 Nov 1961). However they divorced. She returned to Mitchell, Indiana, ran a boarding house, and raised her two grandsons, Wayne and Wade Sheeks. I have many more pictures of Homer, several sent to John Edwin Carr, who was attending The Indiana State School for the Deaf, showing that Homer loved fishing, duck hunting, etc. and had several employees running big farming equipment, rice thrashing, etc. One of the cards says it shows Homer's oufit, one mile to Olmitz, Kansas.
in Arkansas


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