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Two Ellis children: On the back of photo is written: June 6, 1948. Jerry Lee Ellis and Mary Elizabeth Ellis. This is one of five pictures of this family I found at the Tulsa,OK. flea market. The vendor said he bought these at an Estate sale in Wichita, KS.

Mystery: The Father is in 2 of the pictures,Ralph Sr. Aunt Martha Taylor is in one , also the Father and two sons all shared the month of February for their Birthdays! Do we belong to you?


Becky Bailey Tulsa Oklahoma. Hmmmm. I know of someone that has Ellis in Drumright, Oklahoma that isn't too far from Tulsa. I have 2 Ellis lines myself. But I don't know if they connect with the Oklahoma Ellis or not. I know of a person that has an Ellis site. That does a lot of Ellis lines. Maybe they belong to someone there.
Aug 22, 2004 · Reply
Jean Lay Hello, did you see the other four (4) pictures? The Father's name is listed and (3) children are named. I think the vendor purchased them in Wichita, KS. Of course, you know how people and their photos do travel, one never knows where they'll end up. I'll check that ELLIS site you're talking about. Thank you, Jean Lay
Aug 22, 2004 · Reply
Kati Ellis This is my family! Everything matches up. Can I get some more information from you? Or see the other photos possibly? I am new to this Ancient Faces site, but I am just trying to get any information I can.
Nov 27, 2007 · Reply
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