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Not alot is known about this picture all I know is that my grandfather had it and someone in the family is in it. I don't know anything about it at all.

Mystery: I hope someone can tell me who these boys are or what time period it is from?


Helen Kennedy Looks like Civil War era. Some of the boys look awfully young, but many kids of 16 or less were in that war.
Jun 07, 2003 · Reply
Helen Kennedy Looking again, the guys in the 2nd row looked too young to even be drummers.
Jun 07, 2003 · Reply
Carol Moore Caux My maiden name is Moore. I looked at this war picture, and I have a son that looks like the man standing in the back row with the beard. I say this man is related to the Moore. My guess...?? The Rev. war. Picture?
Jun 13, 2003 · Reply
Jean Mccluskey I agree it looks like Civil War Area (1860's,) but don't know if its in the US. Almost has as German / Russian feel to it for some reason. Maybe this was a hunt club or society somewhat like our "boy scouts"? Just a suggetsion.
Jun 16, 2003 · Reply
Kathleen Moore I do have family from Germany on that side of the family that came after the 1860's. Maybe this picture is of him or his father before they came over. the german surname was Thorward. Just to add more to what it could be.
Jun 17, 2003 · Reply
Steven Epps I would definately say it is German, Polish, or Prussian. The boys are very young to be soldiers, I would think.
Oct 17, 2004 · Reply
Frankie Burchfield Was the grandfather who passed this down a Moore? What state and area were they from?
Jan 10, 2005 · Reply
Janet Gaston Looks Civil War Era to me, Confederate side. To bad we can't see the flag he is holding. It would probably tell us what unit these guys are buglars for or with.The Confederates were not as well outfitted as the Union side.
Feb 17, 2005 · Reply
Kathleen Moore Yes my grandfather is a Moore and the family was mostly from the Essex County, New Jersey area. The pictures I'm finding that were with this one are either of the Moores or Thorwards in my family. All from New Jersey.
Oct 30, 2005 · Reply
Bill Herder Since everyone is guessing, here's my guess: This is a group of boys at a military school. I would also guess that this photo was taken in Germany or Prussia, where military schools were required for young boys. The rifles being held are not real rifles, which would have been much too heavy for boys - they are wooden replica's which were used at military schools. Quite possible one of these boys is your Great Grandfather while he was a student at a military school in Europe. Research on the flag (since it is not a US/Confederate flag) would tie down the location. You didn't indicate what type of photograph you have & this would also tie down the date it was taken. I would guess that it is 1855-1870 period.
Jan 12, 2007 · Reply
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