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WWII boys, can you help bring them home!? Found this photo and I really want to find their families so this photo can go home! Can you please show anyone over 80 and ask them!?! Here is what we thinkkkk are the facts...just before (perhaps a week or two..) Tuesday April 28th 1942. It was taken at the Palladiuum in Hollywood Ca in the souvenir shop. I have the image number and that's all. I'm trying to get them to look in their archives for anything. They were obviously here (home?) on a visit. The stamp on the back of the souvenir holder says that the cost was "75 cents add 10 cents for mailing charges"...the palladium was est 1940 and as I understand it, they would not have had these patches past the end of 1946. Looks like the guy on the left in the foreground has his pilot's wings.

Mystery: Who are they!? Exactly what year was it!? Can i find their families
at The Hollywood Palladium, Hollywood, CA


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