Unknown Unknown family photo
Drenda Medina


I believe this photo (a tintype) was in the home my mother purchased over 50 years ago. The lady that owned it, apparently died, and it was sold with all the furniture, personal items, etc., in the house. After the death of my mother, in 1998, I kept it. If relative can verify who it is I wouldbe happy to give it to that person. ... show more

The Mystery

Can anyone identify this picture?

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I have discovered that this picture is actually a picture of my great grandmother, Flora Hall Wilson. She lived in Manton, MI. She is my maternal great grandmother. She had a twin sister, Cora Hall Burdick. I do not know who the person is that is standing, but the lady sitting is Flora Hall Wilson.
Jan 03 5:29 pm reply
Photo taken at East Tawas, Michigan USA