Victor Abraham Bomstead, Washington 1938 Doyle family photo
John Snell

Victor Abraham Bomstead, Washington 1938

Victor Abraham Bomstead's High School Senior Picture in Silverdale, Washington in 1938.

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John and Jeff Snell have the original year book. This site don't allow me to post my email address but here's my email address AF won't filter - replace AT with @ - [external link] or visit [external link]
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Photo taken at Port Washington Bay High School Silverdale, Kitsap County, Washington USA on
Victor Abraham Bomstead, Washington 1938

Eda Anderson

Born: unknown
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Eda Anderson  ·  June Anderson  ·  Goldie Anderson  ·  Annette Arper  ·  Bruce Avery  ·  Wayne Axelson  ·  Mike Bowling  ·  Lois Butler  ·  Lloyd Cleven  ·  Jack Clogston  ·  Don Curtis  ·  Roy Davies  ·  Harold Doyle  ·  Dorothy Duncan  ·  Harold Fitzwater  ·  Elden Gardner  ·  Donald Gould  ·  Victor Abraham Bomstead