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  • Robert 2.0%
  • Mary 1.8%
  • Charles 1.7%
  • George 1.0%
  • Richard 0.8%
  • Thomas 0.7%
  • David 0.7%
  • Ruth 0.7%
  • Donald 0.7%
  • Kenneth 0.6%
  • Helen 0.6%
  • Michael 0.6%
  • Dorothy 0.6%
  • Walter 0.5%
  • Harold 0.5%
  • Paul 0.5%
  • Edward 0.5%

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Pam Marks There have been many stories regarding Eli Boggs (1781-August 8, 1869) and the murder of Alexander Goins. The Magards, relatives of the Boggs family, believe one story, while the Church family, relatives of the Goins, has a different version.

Alexander Goins was a melungeon man from southwest Virginia and east Tennessee. Goins was a man that travelled through the country side, buying horses to sell in South Carolina.

Now, the Boggs believed that Goins stole these horses, instead of buying them. The Church family insists that Alexander Goins was a respectable trader, dealing in fine horses.

Whichever is true, Goins was ambushed on one of his trips near Callahan Creek, by the mining town of Stonega, Wise County, Virginia. Escaping the ambush, he traveled on to the home of Eli Boggs, to spend the night. Goins had spent the night with Eli many times, on his previous trips (It is believed by the Church family that Eli was involved in the ambush). The next morning Eli offered to show Goins a different way to go up Nine Mile Spur. It was along this path that the robbers hid, again trying to rob Goins. As Goins approached, they shot him and he fell dead from his horse, near the mouth of Mud Lick Creek, on the ridge of Black Mountain.

No one was ever legally charged with Alexander Goin's murder. In his old days, Eli was partially paralyzed and would sit on his front porch reading the family Bible and singing Baptist hymms. Eli died the day of the "great sun eclipse", and was buried in the old Boggs Cemetery on top of the mountain above Eolia, Letcher County, Kentucky.

To this day, no one knows for sure, who murdered Alexander Goins.
Dec 01, 2002 · Reply
Pam Marks Poem, "Coming to Kentucky" written by Hugh Boggs about his family's arrival at Caines Creek, Kentucky.

Deep in the hills, 'neath an azure sky,
There's a place so remote, the world passed it by. For thousands of years, no mortal had trod, the green dewy valley's rich, fertile sod. Till one day long ago, twas just break of dawn,
The curtain of night had parted and gone, to make room for the sun, coming over the hill, when life began stirring, and song birds to trill.
High on the hill top, there stood a young man, his blue eyes were narrowed, the landscape to scan. It was hard to believe, "this" was not paradise, or a dream, surely soon, he would open his eyes.
Could he be back in Virginia, from whence he had come, his thoughts were conflicting, his body felt numb.
He had come a long way, this young man of sod, not seeking vast fortunes, just a homestead and God. He felt a soft breeze touch his tired brow and cheek, as he drank in the beauty, of Old Caines Creek. In his heart sprang new hope, in his eyes a fire lit, as he whispered so softly, "Sacred Wind", this is it! His glance wandered back, to the newly made road, and the old covered wagon, with it's oversized load. Of worldly possessions, his kindred and wife, all the blessings it takes, to complete a man's life.
With a lump in his throat, and a prayer-full sigh, he lifted his eyes, towards the blue, cloudless sky. He would cast his lot, 'neath this heavenly dome', and make this new valley, his much beloved home.
Bright eyes were now peering, from out of the side, of the old covered wagon, from whose long weary ride, had kept vigil so faithfully, through the long sleepless nights, were now anxiously waiting, to explore new delights. For they knew by the smile on the young man's face, their searching had ended, this was the "PLACE"!
He smiled as he nodded them, all to alight, and the picture they made was a heart warming sight. As they hustled and bustled, and flitted about, his bosom swelled proudly, he felt he could shout. There was Cessie and Azzel, John, Henry and Jim, Emily, Hannah, Hugh, Jason and Tim. Sarah, Ellen, Matilda, Clem, Orkie and Bud, and the cow they brought with them, still chewing her cud. There was Pa who had courage, faith, muscle and brawn, and Ma who was shy, as a newly born fawn. But her Irish eyes twinkled and sparked with such fire, as she glanced at her 'brood',and her tall, handsome 'sire'. All these and still more, of his beloved kin, took part in the new life, about to begin. There was hard work ahead, hungry children to feed. There were blankets and quilts, and plenty of seed. Sharp axes and hoes, and mallets galore, Kind hearts and strong hands, could a man ask for more?
Everyone was astir, busy as bees; clearing land, burning brush, and chopping down trees, that were hewn, niched then rolled, and set up in place, soon this spot in the wildwood, took on a new face, that was pleasing to God, who smiled a "well done", as they played, sang and danced, and relaxed in their fun.
Now the hillsides were covered, with sweet golden corn, where wild honey-suckle sends it's fragrance each morn. From it's lofty abode, in it's dewy recluse, where mocking birds sing, and morning doves coo; there! the clear crystal dew, trickles over the rocks, that jut from the hills, where sheep graze in flocks. And winds it's way down, to the creek far below, where the bob-o-links nest, and the wild flowers grow. Where paintings that hung, in the great halls of fame, could match this wild beauty, or portray the same, etheral colors that flame in the sky.
As dawn is approaching, and night passes by, my thoughts travel back to the sweet yesteryear, when folks were good neighbors, and kin-folks were dear. To the children who sat, by the bright fire-logs, and listed to tales, of their grand-sire "Boggs".
Dec 01, 2002 · Reply
Amy SanSevero This story can be found at the Kentuckiana Digital Library in the Electronic Text Collection. It was published in Mountain Life and Work vol. 34 no. 2 1958, the date is 1958.
It's source is noted as :
Council of the Southern Mountains
Berea College; Council of the Southern Mountains
Berea, Kentucky
I dare not print it in case of a copyright violation.
Mar 22, 2006 · Reply
Amy SanSevero This story can be found at the Kentuckiana Digital Library in the Electronic Text Collection. It was published in Mountain Life and Work vol. 34 no. 2 1958, the date is 1958.
It's source is noted as :
Council of the Southern Mountains
Berea College; Council of the Southern Mountains
Berea, Kentucky
I dare not print it in case of a copyright violation.
Mar 22, 2006 · Reply
Spencer Berube spencer and tyler boggs wendy and michel son were riding the 4 wheeler on adcock rd in mamers and we were flying around the a sandy turn and fliped the fur weeler it was an artic cat 90

it was crazy
put on here by spencer
Jan 10, 2008 · Reply
Spencer Berube on day wendy halfords dauter was loading up the golf cart with holoween deoratins and the golf cart went rolling down the hill to the pit she went running after it then she jumped on and saved it

typed by spencer berube wendys son
Jan 10, 2008 · Reply
Spencer Berube wendy boggs dided in jan. 23 2006 typed by spencer berube/her son age 11 now be cause is 2008 now
Jan 10, 2008 · Reply
Spencer Berube the boggs famly lives on it 2008 now!!!!!!!!! thers alot of history in the boggs faily that i dont know about so please submit some stories from the boggs
Jan 10, 2008 · Reply
Spencer Berube we will be cusin forever
Jan 10, 2008 · Reply
Spencer Berube tyler boggs got willams old club house to get teh thing to tylers house we had to get to dot to put in a drive way in the woods. a month lather they finly moved it. i came over to tylers house to move in some stuff we move in a stero,tv,play staytion 2and made a redneck couch out of cinder block,crib railing,mini matressand a conforter off a bed. we put dale jr stick on's on the windows and a outdoor clock. and made a redneck johny with a lawn cair and a 5 gallon buket. we wusted a hole were you sit and put the buket under
Jan 10, 2008 · Reply