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Ken Curry "Grange Corner, Ind., July 8 - On July 6th, at or near the residence of Fred Shanks, occurred one of the most horrible events that has ever occurred in Parke County. The event referred to is one of suicide or cold-bloodied murder. On the day named the family became involved in a quarrel as a result of intimacy, between their daughter Clara (one who has always been respected) and a nearest neighbor, Daniel Keller. This intimacy has prevailed for some time, but was unknown to the parents until a short time before her death. As soon as the news was made known to her parents the fatal trouble began. As they sat down to their last dinner together scarcely none could eat. The poor girl ate but a few bites, and arose form the table, never to be seen alive by any member of the family. After an hour's absence the family became alarmed, and made a search for her, but all in vain. They were informed by Miss Keller and Miss Cox that she was seen by them going east about one hour before, bare-headed and bare-footed. A search was made for her until dark, in the woods, along the road, and every place, but no trace of her could be found. On the day following, her brother went to the falls of Wolf Creek, about three quarters of a mile away, and while hunting for her body in the water, found, to his utmost horror, her dead body. Mr. Shanks returned home and picked up a repeating shotgun and went to Keller's house and called him out. Keller stepped to one side of the door, when Shanks raised his gun and fired, but missed Keller, as he darted to one side and rushed for the door. He was kept at bay by Shanks until some neighbors came, and then Keller made his escape. Hundreds of people gathered, and quiet a number of newspapermen were present. A few scars were found on her face and head. The coroner rendered a verdict of suicide, as no sufficient evidence of murder could be obtained. Interment will probably take place today at the Zackmire cemetery.

Tribune 7-11-1895
Dec 01, 2002 · Reply
Virginia Bunn A history of the Keller family was read by Ralph Keller of Clearfield, a son of Adam Keller also of Clearfield. The history was taken from the family records and was written at a previous time.

The Keller family history was read by Ralph Keller of Clearfield as follows:

As far back as the Kellers can be traced is to Loudon county in Virginia. From there they moved to Noble county in Ohio. There were three brothers, John, Benjamin, & Levi, & the first two named came to Iowa. Levi remained in Ohio, but his son,
I.W. Keller, came to Iowa and Ringgold county in 1855 and in the fall of that year Benjamin Keller, Sr. & his family left Ohio for Iowa. Other families coming at the same time were James Shafer, William Everly, & Alfred James. After two weeks in Iowa, Mr. & Mrs. James returned to Ohio.

The route traveled in coming to Iowa was from Mount Ephraim, Zanesville, Columbus, Springfield, and Dayton, crossing into Indiana near Richmond. They crossed into Illinois at Danville through Urbana, Bloomington, & Peoria and crossed the Mississippi at Burlington. In Iowa they came by way of Birmingham, Keosauqua, Bloomfield, Centerville, Corydon, Leon, & Mount Ayr, to Jefferson Township.

Only ten days after their arrival 22 October 186, Mrs Eleanor Keller died and was buried in the Keller cemetery northwest of Diagonal. There was no casket for burial so a tree was cut in the timber and sawed to make a casket.

In December of that year Benjamin Keller, Sr. bought 240 acres in Grant Township from Robert Parker. They built a home on what was later known as the Solomon Stahl Farm. Here Nancy Keller was united in marriage to Isaac Talley, 9 February 1860 and on the same day Benjamin Keller, Jr. & Sarah E. Talley were married in the Adam G. Talley home.Benjamin Keller, Jr. served in the war between the states along with I.A. Tally & William Everly, who had married Elizabeth Keller. William Everly died in a hospital 20 October 1864.

Benjamin Keller, Sr. died January 1860 and Daniel Keller drowned in Platte River 8 June 1867.

Six of the thirteen charter members of the Talley Class were from the Keller family. They were Benjamin Keller, Sr., who was class leader, Jackson Keller, Benjamin Keller, Jr., Nancy Keller, Mary Keller, and Sarah Keller.

When the Keller family made their trip from Ohio to Iowa they had their goods shopped by rail to Burlington, thing they would pick them up as they came through, but the goods had not yet arrived and they had to return to Burlington for them. Burlington was the nearest railroad town, and supplies were brought by wagon from
Savannah, Maryville, & St. Joseph, Missouri.
Taken from the Diagonal Reporter 5 July 1956. Page 2.
Talley? Stahl? Keller family histories tell of pioneer days in this community
Methodist Church History
.... on the evening of 4 July 1856, the emigrant wagons of the Adam G. Talley family camped about one forth mile north east of Diagonal. Adam, with his wife Sarah Aldred, their children, Mary & her husband, Michael Stahl and their little daughter, Melisa; Sarah E, and two sons Isaac A. & Benjamin F. The boys were 15 & 18 years of age. Another daughter, Catherine and her husband, Benjamin Ford remained in Ohio. The Talley's left Ohio on the 7th of May, coming to Iowa by way of Jasper county where Michael & Mary Stahl were visiting. They joined the Talley family and came to Diagonal... to the Isaac Reynolds farm. About a year later Michael & Mary received a land grant & the Keller family arrived in late October.
The Keller family consisted of Benjamin, Sr., his wife, Eleanor, and daughters Lucinda, Betsy, Nancy, Mary, & Sarah; and sons, Daniel, Benjamin, & Jackson. Mrs. Keller did not stand the trip well and passed away ten days after arrival... In 1860 two Talley boys married Nancy & Sarah Keller; Ben Keller married their sister Sarah Ellen.
Jun 06, 2013 · Reply