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Most Common First Names

  • John 4.6%
  • James 3.8%
  • William 3.6%
  • Mary 2.9%
  • Robert 2.0%
  • Thomas 1.9%
  • Edward 1.5%
  • Joseph 1.3%
  • Richard 1.3%
  • Charles 1.3%
  • Margaret 1.2%
  • George 1.1%
  • Michael 0.9%
  • Helen 0.8%
  • Elizabeth 0.7%
  • Patrick 0.7%
  • David 0.7%
  • Frank 0.6%
  • Catherine 0.6%
  • Donald 0.6%

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Kayla Richmond I am looking for anyone who may be related to or know someone whose related to Wilbur R Powers of licking county Ohio. He was born in 1922. I have tons of letters that his mother wrote him while he was in the war. I have searched and he didn't have any children or married. I know if someone knew of all this stuff I have they'd love it. if any info contact me Kayla, [contact link]
Sep 16, 2013 · Reply
Crystal Powers-dozer Hi! I'm Crystal Powers . I m from locking county Ohio! Pataskala was the name of the town I lived in. There has to be some kind of connection here! I had a lot of aunts uncles and cousins from ohio and Virginia. I'm just now gEttinger into contact with a cousin and learning sooo much about my familys history.
Do you have any other info on this?
Thank you!!!
Jan 28, 2015 · Reply