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Mary (R) & Della Cook (L),daus of Stephen Elliott & Georgianna Sheppard Cook, born Hampton County, SC. Lived Pooler and Savannah, Ga. Mary married D.C. Cook,...
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Essie Crosby, dau. of Anna Saphronia Cook & Stephen Elliot Crosby, and her little cousin, Leila Cook. Essie married twice, moved to Florida.
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with their first children, Nancy & Ann. Charles was born in NC. raised in Fitzgerald. Lived Savannah, Ga.
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Jacob Jahue & Mary Mole Lightsey and youngest child, daughter Anna H. Lived NW of Savannah.
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Elliot M. & Ora MacStephens Cook & girls, Evelyn and Edna, on porch of his parents' (Stephen E. & Georgianna Shepherd Cook) home in Pooler, outside Savannah.
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Helen Cook of Savannah, Ga. Married William C. Lee in 1937. Want to hear from her or her descendants.
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Eddie & Pearl Cook. Cooks rumored to have had "Gypsy" and "Portuguese" blood.
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Eddie Cook & family lived in Pooler and in Savannah, Ga. Moved to Texas. Daughter Helen married William C. Lee.
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Ann Davis Which one is "J.C. Powell"? Obviously one is a girl. Is she "Davie"?
Feb 07, 2004 · posted to the photo Davie & J.C. Powell
Ann Davis I am interested in knowing more about this Bible entry, such as dates and location of these Richardsons, but when I click on enlarge, the picture is not shown.
Feb 07, 2004 · posted to the photo Page from George H. Richardson's Bible
Ann Davis Actually, Johnston Station was not in McIntosh County, but in Liberty County.
Oct 13, 2003 · posted to the photo Chapmans, Masonic Lodge, McIntosh County, Georgia