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Beth Pearce Her sister, my grandmother, was Era Estelle Montgomery Harman Martin. She went by Estelle. Some called her Aunt 'Stelle. Good to hear from you Cassie
Jan 13 · posted to the photo Dee Carroll & Janie Montgomery
Beth Pearce A letter from a WW2 soldier to his mom. January 21, 1943 Dearest Mom, Tomorrow is the big day. Going to Phoenix for the 4th time since I’ve been out here. It sure is nice to forget your troubles for a day or two. I met one of the boys I went to school with too. But there is another one that I have not seen yet. You remember that guy I wrote you about that was so funny and no one could get any joke on him. His name is Shaver. He’s the guy I want to see again. Fellows like him are the ones you can’t forget. Something else that was sorta funny today. Some of the boys built a little fire today and that was something they should not have done. They played around in it like little kids. What was so funny was that those big boys would squat down and lay a little piece of wood on the fire. It was really comical to watch because they had such serious looks on their face plus a beard and lots of dirt. Hershal is in better spirits tonight and therefore so be it here. Well & Happy, Lyle. P.S. Will write Monday nite.
Dec 01, 2002 · posted to the surname Harman
Beth Pearce Postmark might be February 10, 1943 Tues 2:00 PM Dearest Son, The first day the wind has blown and its about to drive me nuts. Not working today and the dust is fogging in. Worked Sunday 7:00 A – 4 P. Had to work over time Sat. Have Thurs. off. Hope I'm called in. I don't like these days off. Please take time out to write me once in awhile for I still love you you know. I try not to worry and to be reasonable but some of these days when you are a parent you'll know what I mean. If you should get a notice to go to the Army be sure and call me if you can't come to see us, they're taking them pretty fast now. Let me know how you're getting along and if you need anything. Oodles love and best Wishes to both. Mom Selective Service envelope postmarked February 12, 1943 to Lyle in Hot Springs. February 14, 1943 Dear Mom, (and how!) What a knock out. Gee, what I couldn't do to that box about an hour ago. It's about eight or nine now and I've just got back from chow so I'm not so very hungry. When was Valentines, anyhow? That was a real card, too. You said something about writing. I've had plenty of time according to a month ago but? Last week-end in Phoenix. Yours, Lyle Order to Report for Induction, dated 2-12-43. Report February 25, 1943. Request approved by Mrs. Helen R. Keeney of Borger February 17, 1943 Dear Mom, I got a letter from both of you tonight which is better than usual but beats what I've been sending. But that doesn't seem to help my mood for writing to anyone. The salvage came in to-day and I got a new C uniform, new shoes, and socks. That helps but am still in need of new ones. They were the first new clothes I've got since Fort Sill and they have that moth ball smell. I am getting along fine as can be. Yours, Lyle February 20, 1943 or 44 No postmark Dear Mom, Not much doing to-day. Some of the boys are working but I'm taking life easy. I am begining to like this idea of not writing letters. It's not hard to do for I seldom go to Phoenix and when I do it's nothing special. There is a leg show on at the theatre now but it is probley just like the others. Corny as all get out. If any thing of interest turns up I'll let you know. Yores Lyle Postmark March 6, 1943 Friday Dear Mom Guess I may as well write you a few words. My arm is sore but I am all right. I'm in uniform now and can't seem to get used to it. Don't know when will ship but I'm hoping too. I eat swell, elegant and some boys go through thrice. I feeling fine adios Private Harman Postmark March 7, 1943 Dear Mom Tis Sat night in the old Fort and I'm leaving. I do not know the why, where, or when but will send future address. I feel all right. I have not done or did K.P. yet but there is a time and place for everything. Adios Lyle
Jan 05, 2003 · posted to the surname Harman
Beth Pearce 4 eggs beat well 1 lb. box brown sugar 1 ts vanilla 2 ts almond extract 2 c bisquick 1 c cocoanut 1 c nuts Mix well pour in 9 X 13 greased floured pan. Cook 330 degress an hour or until toothpick comes out clean.
Mar 18, 2003 · posted to the surname Montgomery
Beth Pearce The following story was written by Estelle Martin while living in a nursing home in Amarillo, Texas. She was born in Mississippi. It is her life story. "My parents were Henry and Nancy Lou Ellen Montgomery. I had two brothers and one sister older and four sisters and five brothers younger. When I was nine, we moved to Quanah, Texas and in the spring of 1908 we moved to a farm north of Quanah in the Marshall community. The fall of 1910, we moved back to Mississippi. Our father was a sharecropper and we seldom got to go to school before February or March. That was in a one-room school with one teacher that taught through the eighth grade. In September 1912 we moved back to Texas to the Hoolyann community near Kirkland. There we traded with Furr Mercantile, the original Furr Store. In 1914 we moved seven miles west of Goodlett, Texas and our school was Curryville. In 1920 our father bought a farm two and one half miles southwest of Goodlett. My oldest living brother had gone in the service and was killed in World War I on October 27, 1918. On December 11, 1921 I boarded a train for Abilene, Texas where I entered Draughn’s Business College. I was 21 years old. June, 1922 I went back home to help lay by the crop. In August I got a call from Quanah asking if I would help the county agent close that office. I worked six weeks there and on September 27, 1922 Tom Harman and I were married. We moved to Goodlett the following year and on September 5, 1923 our son, Lyle was born. We moved back to Quanah in 1924 and our daughter, June, was born June 4, 1925. In the year of 1928 we moved to Lubbock and the country was in the depression and jobs were scarce. Tom began work in the harvest the summer of 1929. He ended up in a small town of Gruver just 13 miles west of Spearman. He got a job as a cook in the only cafe. The children and I went back to Goodlett and stayed with my parents until Tom could send for us. On August 1, 1929 we boarded the train, spent the night in Amarillo and the next morning we got on the Rock Island train for Gruver. When we got to Gruver that evening there was no vacancy in the one and only hotel. We spent the night at Uncle Sam Gruver’s home. The next day Tom put up an 8x10 foot tent at the water tower. The 6th of August I was asked to help and learn to operate the telephone office. It turned into a blessing and in February of 1930 the job was mine." for more go to
Dec 01, 2002 · posted to the surname Martin
Beth Pearce Here's a letter my dad wrote to his mom during WW2: January 24, 1943 Dear Mom, Really enjoyed the week end in Phoenix this time. I stayed out at Carl’s house and ate and slept. Cotton blankets on the bed. At breakfast – hot biscuits, white gravy, honey, bacon (fresh made), coffee. For Dinner – brown beans, real light bread (store bought), canned corn, mac or sphet, and coffee. Supper – hot biscuits, and left overs. That is what I call good eating. Just before we left Sunday night they broke out with a fiddle, banjo, guitar, mandolin, and singing. The place was just a camp of okies working for the same man. Hope to go back again next weekend. Didn’t spend but three dollars and that was for a new cap and one meal. Not bad, eh? I got a letter from Boots too and he said that Jesse Ralston had been killed in action. Got a letter from you and the box of stationery, a letter from Vic so I’ve been feeling pretty good up till now. Got set down and writing and feel tired. Didn’t get much sleep either and have been on KP all day. I was planning on writing to June, Boots and Vic but I think I shall go to bed instead. Yours, Lyle (June is his sister)
Dec 01, 2002 · posted to the surname Harman
Beth Pearce letter on military stationery: Co. K 348 Inf. Camp Pike, Ark. May 12, 1918 Mr. Charles Montgomery Dear Cousin: I received your letter sometime ago and was quite surprised for I had not thought about hearing from you but was glad to hear from you as you are the only relative I have in the service. Mabe if we can keep up correspondense we can meet up with each other when we get across the pond. Yes things are going as nicely as I could wish for over hear now and I am liking the Army fine. I have only been in since the third of Dec. so you see I haven't had quite so much of it as you have. I have been expecting to leave for France for a month but havn't gone yet. I may go any time. Of course a fellow can't tell when they will say for him to go. I am real anxious to go across. What about you do want to go or not? It nearly scares some of the boys here to death to mention going across. You are having some real hard luck with your guard duty but then you are not the only one. I have been on ever other day for a month. They have sent so many of the boys away from hear until it takes nearly all of us to go on guard and that is the reason you see. I think I would like the army lots better if they didn't have any guarding to do don't you ha! ha! Now Charles don't wait as long as I have to write for I have just been so buried until I could just about keep up with my writing home and to my Jane you know. I will do better next time. answer soon Your Cousin John Ivy Smith
Jul 25, 2009 · posted to the surname Smith
Beth Pearce letter: Goodlett Tex 4/3/18 Mr. Chas G. Montgomery kind and loving son. We got your letter ok and was glad you was well. This leaves us all doing very well and hope this will find you doing fine. Well as for the raine we did not get it. We are getting lots of Sandys and that don’t wet well. I guess you all will be glad when you all get your classes. I guess you all will be well scattered if thay keep on. Well tomorrow is your birthday and I wish I had something to send you. Well you can change your old close for new ones as that has bin the rule. A new suit on your birthday. Well Charlie I trust that 44¢ I got out of that ___ with that 10 spot you sent me I want to get enough to get me a suit of close. All tho I think it will take a long time to get them but I don’t aime to spend that 10 no other way I can helpe it. Well that heffer shore has got a dandy calf. It is as big as a jack rabbit and that is the only calf we will have this year. Well maby if we can make a crop this year you boys may get to helpe us gather it. Well you aught to see your little black headed sister. She shore is a good baby. Now well I want you to be good and write as off as you can and tell of your funn. Well I hope I can have some thing to write by the next time. So I will quit for this time. Hope you a fine time and to be placed where you can have a fine time. So wishing you a happy birthday and asked to be remembered as your loving father. H. F. Montgomery
Jul 17, 2009 · posted to the surname Montgomery
Beth Pearce Chas. G. Montgomery Co. I. 142nd Inf. Camp Bowie, Tex. Goodlett, Tex. April 29, 1918 Mr. Chas Montgomery Camp Bowie Dear????? With great pleasure I will answer your most kind and appreciated letter which came to hand today. Was sure glad to hear form you. How are you? By this time fine I guess and enjoying the best of life. This leaves me all ok and still ???? every day and you know I am just about as big as I use to be and when I get our ?????? I think I will be just about the limit and it is still ????? ???? here and you know I enjoy that kind of ????? very much. Say I went out to Lazre to the ball game last Saturday and Blime me they sure did play ball and eat ice cream. Say old man you had better hurry up or you will get left. Your old girl is going to get married the first so they say. I guess you know who I am talking about. It is Miss E. N. Her and one of the Taylor boys. I sure am sorry for you but I can't help you any this time. Yous said you made a today's hike. How far is it from the camp to Lake Worth? I am sure you had a nice time. I would sure like to come down there and stay two or three days but I don't guess I can. Say I am going another fishing tomorrow and if I catch any I will eat enough for you and me to. Say old man there are sure giting bad around Goodlett. They had a fight over their yesterday. One of them was over here a little while ago and he sure had a black spot on him and blue too. I am giting scared to go over there. I guess you will have to come back and help me straighten things out. You ought to be in good practice by this time. So I will close for this time ???. Answer soon and tell all you know from the same old boy. As ever, L. L. Wakefield, Goodlett, Tex.
Jul 25, 2009 · posted to the surname Wakefield
Beth Pearce April 12, 1945 Germany Dear mom, Yes, I heard that same rumor about the war being over at that time but was back in the rear. A few days later I found out different although it was a little easier and saw a lot of P W s. To-morrow is Sunday and I have a big day planed. It is also mother's day and may you have a happy one. I'm sorry that I'm so late about getting around to sending you greetings. This one should be one to remember because of all the things that have happened in the past few days and as the news says "We do not realize that we are living in an age of history". Going down to the lake and going swimming and get a little of this filth off of me. Went this evening and took a small bath and the water was a little cold but after I had stayed in for a while it got to where it did not feel so bad. The fish do not bite so good so that has gone out of style. Using other methods, guys have been having pretty good luck and catching some good sized ones. I have been washing my dish three times a day and if these people don't ge me a mess kit pretty soon I'm going to renig. Well, here goes nothing! You have been asking me a lot of questions as to what I have been doing and I will try and give you a small outline. It all started in Belgium when the bulge broke out and just as I thought there was a sargent that just walked in and said for me to be ready to go on guard in about 20 minutes. I crossed the Roer at at Duren and went up to the Rhine near Clonge. From there to the 7th front to go through the zig line. Went to Saarbrucken came back to 1st and cleaned out the Rhur pocket. Then to the 9th who at that time were working with the British 2nd. Back before going to the Roer, take a crack at the zig line the first time and go through there. And here I am. That as I said, is only an outline. Any questions? Will put out a little more effort to-morrow and think of you a little stronger and I wish you a happy Mother's Day even if it is late. Love and Best Wishes For a Happy Mothers Day Lyle Irby
Mar 18, 2003 · posted to the surname Harman
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