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Lady standing in front of her house porch. This post card was addressed and assuming sent, although no postage marks at all are on it. Written on...
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Postcard photo..Lady is feeding her chickens.. Writing on the back is done by the lady: This is a card i am sending you to put in the garden i was in the...
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This couple is standing in front of a grave stone, which I cannot make out. They are nicely dressed, so it was probably a funeral that took them there....
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This little girl is wearing a dress dated in the late 1800's to early 1900's. Hair is pulled straight back. Her eyes are just like mine! Surnames are...
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Boys sitting in wagon with their three dogs. Looks like they are in front of a shed of some sort. The back reads: The Tate Boys! Douglas and Roger Lee....
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Three women and an elderly man. The clothing style looks to be around the 1940's on the younger ladies. The older couple looks to be wearing from early...
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This pretty lady has dark hair, wearing a little make-up. The studio seems to have a painted background of ivy. There is not name or date nor studio name on...
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Black haired lady with bows, she is holding an umbrella, long dress down to the ankles. Post Card photo-no dates
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This is a photo that was found in my great-aunt's house after her death. Along with a thousand others! Looks like they are sitting outside of a chicken coop....
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Just a baby holding his/her baby on a porch believe to be family house. We don't know who this baby belongs to but along the lines of the Shepherd family...
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C Pagliolo These names sound so familiar to me, and I can't place why-town is the right location as well.
Oct 25, 2003 · posted to the photo James Tolbert Cooper
C Pagliolo I have these two people listed in my family tree info for my husband-how exciting!
Oct 25, 2003 · posted to the photo Scott & Louisa Lovejoy
C Pagliolo OMG this man is in my family line history of my husbands. Would love to be allowed to copy this photo! Let me know, please!
Oct 25, 2003 · posted to the photo Elliot Lovejoy
C Pagliolo I have a slew of people who may be able to help you, if you email me I will explain.
Oct 25, 2003 · posted to the photo Adkins, Lovejoy, Hill, or Boothe?
C Pagliolo Very cool photograph!! I have never seen one like this before, very nice.
Oct 20, 2003 · posted to the photo Musicians
C Pagliolo Beautiful photo-I do find it odd the photographer would have her lean over like that. But it's great and I am happy that your kept this!
Oct 20, 2003 · posted to the photo Bridesmaid Anna Halliday
C Pagliolo Beautiful photo-well kept-you should be proud! C
Oct 20, 2003 · posted to the photo Albert J and Maria Jacinta Silveira wedding