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These are three of the four children of Joseph Robert and Nannie Whitt Baker. On the left is Sadie St. Claire (born 1916), Gladys Edna (born 1920) is in the middle, and Ellis Adrian (born 1917)is on the right. Not shown is Goldie, the youngest of the four children. Their mother died of pneumonia in 1925 when Goldie was two years old.
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Joseph Robert Baker (1892-1982) with his first wife, Nannie Whitt (April 3, 1895 - April 3, 1925). Nannie was a daughter of Andrew Whitt and Mary Asbury. Both she and Robert were born in Tazewell County, Virginia. His family moved to Greenbrier County, West Virginia, in 1898 and her mother, being widowed, brought her children there in 1908. Nannie and Robert Baker had four children: Sadie St. Claire Baker, Ellis Adrian Baker, Gladys Edna Baker, and Goldie Virginia Baker. After Nannie died of pneumonia on her 30th birthday (they had a newborn who died of pneumonia then as well), Nannie was buried in the Baker Family Cemetery on Butler's Mountain near Frankford in Greenbrier County. Joseph Robert Baker remarried in 1928. He and his wife, Gertrude Lewallen (Morris) had ten children. Robert died in 1982 and is buried in the Baker Family graveyard beside Nannie and the baby.
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Hansford Miller's parents were Jacob H. B. Miller and Martha Jane Russell Miller. Hansford was born around 1877, being three years old during the 1880 census of Scott County, Virginia.
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Zollie Lewallen, one of the two children of George Lewallen, taught school in Oneida, Tennessee. She had a brother, Clyde, who also taught school in Onedia. I am uncertain of the date of this photograph. She married Sam B. McCoy in November of 1921. Her paternal grandparents were A. Robert Lewallen Martha Ann Morris Lewallen. This picture was shared with the Lewallen (aka Morris) family by Florence Thompson Todd of Elgin, Tennessee. Florence was the wife of Elmer Todd, son of George Todd and Louisa Miller Todd. Louisa Miller Todd was a daughter of Jacob H. B. Miller and Martha Jane Russell Miller, originally of Virginia.
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Joseph Robert ("Bob") Baker (January 23, 1892 - October 2, 1982) heating lunch at the house of his daughter, Gladys Edna Baker, in Narrows, Virginia, in 1982. He is buried in the Baker Family Graveyard on Butler's Mountain in Greenbrier County, West Virginia. His parents were Francis "Frank" Baker and Lizie Fudge Mitchell Baker, both of Tazewell County, Virginia. Maternal grandparents were Charter Mitchell and Martha Cameron Mitchell. Paternal grandparents were James William Baker and Fannie Ellis Baker Baker.
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These men are logging. The young man on the rail car at left is my father, Joseph Robert Baker, around age 17. He was born in 1892 and died in 1982. The gentleman with the horses is Mr. Hannah, first name unknown, who owned them. Does anyone know who the other young men are? In logging, the men laid their track as they went, and took it up behind them.
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This postcard was in the Eugene Lewallen (aka Morris)family photograph album, and was taken in either Scott or Morgan County in Tennessee. The date is unknown to me, but readily ascertainable by someone knowledgable about time-dating clothing and baby buggies! Eugene Lewallen brought his photographs, including this one, with him from Tennessee to West Virginia around 1911. Eugene was a direct descendant of John Lewallen, the first sheriff of Scott County, TN.
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Baptising in Greenbrier County, WV BACK ROW: Sisters Gladys Edna Baker and Sadie St.Clair Baker, Hannah Asbury Baker (widow of Alfred Edward "AlEd" Baker), Gertie Lewallen Morris Baker and her husband Joseph Robert Baker holding their son Walter Lee Baker. Gladys and Sadie are children of Joseph Robert Baker. FRONT ROW: Shirley Alafair Baker, sisters Mary and Fanny Baker (daughters of Hannah Asbury Baker), Vivian Hazel Baker and her brothers Alfred Dale Baker and George Herbert Baker. Shirley, Vivian Hazel, Alfred, and George are children of Joseph Robert Baker. The little one with Hannah's hands on his shoulders is probably her son Eddie. The small boy looking down is Bud Mann, son of Sylvia Mann of Giles County, Virginia.
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Robert Lewallen and wife, Martha Ann Morris Lewallen. ROBERT was a son of Andrew Russell "Russ" Lewallen II and Perlisca Ann "Phoebe" Davis who was born around 1827. Robert's parents, Andrew Russell Lewallen and Perliscia (1825/27-1885), married November 15, 1846, in Morgan County, TN. In addition to Robert, they had the following children: Frank (who fathered twin babies which are buried in the Wolf Creek Cemetery); George Todd (half-brother, mother was Hannah Todd, who married Salina Morris, and when Salina died he married Louisa Miller and they had nine children - Josie, Hattie, Monroe, Laura, Elmer, Golda, Maud, Gladys, and Clifford); Andrew F., Lucinda M. (or "Cindy" who married Thomas Russell); John F., Charlotte J., Sarah E., William Bluford (who married Sarah Smith with whom he had four sons and two daughters); Charles Russell (who married first Amelia Smith who died giving birth to twins, and later Emma Galloway); Lottie (who married William C. Russell or "Bill" and had four children, Anna Russell Hable, Julia, Abby, and Hew); and Winfield Esau called "Winks", who married Emma Duncan, had two daughters named May and Florence, and a son named Charles. Winks died young of typhoid fever and his family then moved away). MARTHA was born to Willis Morris and Nancy Hanks in 1841 in Sunbright, TN. She died on April 21, 1911, in Modesto, CA. Her siblings were John Richard, Salina Dove, Nancy Green, Thomas Asbury, Willis Turner, Pleasant Miller, Mary Jane, and Joseph Smith.
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Newspaper clipping of Clarke Lewallen, first cousin of Gertie Lewallen (Morris) Baker. Clark was a WWI veteran, bookkeeper, and teacher from Robbins, Scott County, Tennessee.
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DreamaGail Baker I want to correct an incorrect date for the above photograph of Fannie Ellis Baker. The picture was taken in the mid-1860s, not the mid-1880s. Also, below is a direct-line overview of the Baker line descending from St. Leger to Fannie Ellis Baker, as well as to her husband, James William Baker, who was her first cousin. They had the same paternal grandparents: Ursula St. Leger, great granddaughter of Joan, Countess of Westmoreland, granddaughter of Edward III of England, married Daniel Horsmanden Warham St. Leger Horsmanden born around 1620 in Ulcombe. Kent, England, son of Ursula St. Leger, married Susanna Beeching, 1627, England. Mary Horsmanden Byrd (1673, her second marriage) married William Byrd, both being 21 years old). Mary was the daughter of Warham St. Leger Horsmanden. William Byrd.............married Mary Horsmanden Fillmer in 1673 Ursula Byrd..............married Robery Beverly Ursula Beverly (Dudley)..married Col. John Geroge (his second marriage) Catherine George.........married William Mansfield on November 16, 1798 Levi Baker...............married Emily J. Young (Yound) on September 27, 1830 James William Baker......married Frances (Fannie) Ellis Baker in June, 1887
Mar 22, 2013 · posted to the photo Frances (Fannie) Ellis Baker
DreamaGail Baker Jacob H. B. Miller was born in 1839 in Virginia to Elijah Lee Miller (born April 7, 1768) and Elisabeth Rebeccah "Becky" A. Payne. Regarding Jacob H. B.'s grandparents, Elijah Lee Miller's father was Joseph Miller, born on October 21, 1727, and Elijah's mother was Mary Oursler. (Mary Oursler was a daughter of Edward Oursler 1708-1789 and Ruth Owings -also spelled Owess- who lived 1710-1795). They were born in Maryland. Joseph Miller was buried in Mt. Olive Cemetery, Randallstown, Maryland.
Dec 11, 2012 · posted to the photo Robert Patrick Miller--USAF--1955
DreamaGail Baker What a look of of kindness and pride in his cutie girl! Love it!
Mar 12, 2011 · posted to the photo Thomas Jackson Miller and Robin Gaye Miller
DreamaGail Baker What's the relationship of Thomas Jackson Miller to Jacob H. B. Miller?
Mar 12, 2011 · posted to the photo Thomas Jackson Miller
DreamaGail Baker Robin, according to the 1900 US Census of Scott County, Tennessee, Jacob H. B. Miller was born in Virginia in July of 1820. Martha Jane Russell, his wife, was born in Tennessee in October of 1841. Somewhere I read that his place of birth was Washington County, Virginia. I really would like to know more about his parents, grandparents, etc.
Mar 12, 2011 · posted to the photo Jacob H. B. Miller and Martha Jane Russell Miller
DreamaGail Baker During the 1880 census referenced above, Jacob was identified as illiterate. This situation evidently changed, as his daughter Ida Bell Miller Lewallen (my grandmother) was proud of his having read the King James Version of the Holy Bible through eighteen times! I have seen his Bible, which Grandmother Ida had in her possession before one of her children inherited it. It is often said that one should beware the man of one book. This is nonsense, more often than not. In my experience, it is generally wiser to beware the person of many books.
Nov 18, 2009 · posted to the photo Jacob H. B. Miller and Martha Jane Russell Miller
DreamaGail Baker Nice photograph, but without connectedness, as it is strangely labeled "personal"! It would be nice if it related to the sharing of genealogical facts.
Oct 16, 2008 · posted to the photo personal