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HarryJo Unknown For sure I know how to play mumble peg! I remember playing it when I was a young feller living in the Panhandle of Texas. You had to use a two bladed knife that opened the blades on the same end. The long blade would be opened all the way, the shorter blade opened only half way. You would set the shorter blad on the ground with your finger under the knife. You would then flip the knife in the air and try and have the longer blade stick in the ground. Eachh time you missed a peg was driven further into the ground. When the peg was all the way into the ground you had to pick it out with your teeth. It wasn't too bad unless the ground was dirty. A lot of young men played this game . That was backi in the dyas when prople invented their own entertainment. This photo brings back memories I had forgotten.
Oct 26, 2011 · posted to the photo Cowboys at play
HarryJo Unknown This photo is of an abandoned farm home in Hall Co., Texas near Memphis, Texas. Photo was created and published by Dorothea Lange in June 1937.
Jan 03, 2005 · posted to the photo Abandoned Farm Home