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About: My name is Helene R Schmidt. I am a retired photojournalist and Texas peace offier. I love old photos! I am researching the Smith family in Phelps/Pulaski Co MO, Lamar Co TX, OK, CA and all allied families, McEntire family of Polk and Rutherford Co NC and the James Crocker family of Spartanburg Co, SC;the Schmidt family from Kurhessen Germany; the Kick family from Darmstadt-Hessen, Germany and the Kidd family from Armagh Co, Northern Ireland. Many of my Kick family members have been in New Olreans, LA since the late 1700s. My Heavin ancestors are from Belfast,Northern Ireland. I am working on a SMITH family manuscript and will be glad ot exchange family info with others who may be related to us! And we woudl LOVE to have you send us your old family photos for other family members to enjoy!

Researching: Smith, Schmidt, Kidd, Mcentire, Mcentyre, Kick

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Martha & John Beardon with grandsons Denver & Daniel Beardon (sons of Corrie Beardon).
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John Washington & Martha Jane Beardon
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This photo depicts an enlisted man in a Confederate cavalry uniform. The original was handed down for several generations within the family (Lamar County Biards and Prices) but the identity has been lost. My cousin, who has the original, and I both feel that this one is of a relative, but our families had quite a few men who served in the Texas cavalry during the War Between the States, and we have no idea which one this likeness may portray.
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The photo of the lady was, I believe, in the collection of Nancy Claudia Price Smith, and was passed to her elder daughter who in turn passed it to her daughter upon her own death, and it came to me upon my cousin's death two years ago. The face bears no discernible resemblance to any of my maternal relatives (Smith, Price, Biard), and I wonder if it could have been a classmate of my grandmother when she was at Sam Houston Normal Institute.
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Believed to be a photo button of Robert Edgar Smith, who was an uncle of Isabel Smith Jetton. It was part of the effects of Isabel Smith (born 1904 in Biardstown, Lamar County, Texas; died 1986 in Dallas, Texas).
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Family Bible, Newspaper articles, Family letters, Dent Co., Missouri Historical Society. Civil War Spy for Confederate Army. Melissa Walker McCrea was a tall young woman, 6'2'' in height. She was very slender from the photo that I have of her. Her hair was very dark and she was quite attractive. She was very independent and I have reason to believe she did pretty much as she wanted. She was a spy for the CSA and she rode alone often to deliver messages to soldiers in Little Rock, Arkansas. When she learned a brother of hers Irvin Barton had died in Jefferson Barracks Prison near St. Louis. She drove a buckboard wagon to Rolla from Salem, Missouri. There she boarded a Frisco Train to St. Louis. Irvin had been buried 3 days and she had his body taken up and she brought him back to Salem, by herself, so that he could be buried with his family. Melissa was captured 3 times by the Federals and the last time was put in prison in St. Louis. She was paroled to her half sister Elizabeth Walker Ross, who lived in Illinois. She was to stay there until the end of the war. It didn't take Melissa long to make her way back to Salem and again she was crossing enemy lines and carrying information.
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Roxa McCrae is the sister of the man who married my great-great aunt, Mr. McCrea who was reputed to be a Confederate spy!
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Notes for JOHN FINE MCCREA, SR.: Family Bible, Death Certificate, Missouri State Archives, Marriage License, C,S,A, Information. Memorandum of Service from Pension for EX-CONFEDERATE SOLDIERS #2794 Entered Service at Near West Plains, State of Missouri on about June 1861 Was discharged from state service at Springfield Mo.. and went into the regular southern army do not remember date. Under state service was in Boyd's Company, Wingo regiment and McBride's Division, Under Southern Army Co. E. of the 8th Reg. Parsons Brigade Part of time in Infantry and part in Cavalry. Col. Mitchell in regular army, McBride in State service Battles: Wilson's Creek, Pleasant Hill, La., Saline River Fight. rest of service in scouting service. Table Grace from John Fine McCrea: Almighty Father, as it is through your kindness, that we are permitted to seat ourselves at these table comforts. May we be Thankful for these and all blessings from thy hand, now and forever. Amen
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William "Silas" Smith, my great-grandfather, in his Confederate uniform jacket. This was taken while attending a Civil War veterans meeting in Paris, Lamar County,TX. We are looking for more information on his second wife, Roseanna Heaven or Heavin.
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Gravestones at the Smith Cemetery at Edgar Springs. Martha E. Smith, 2/19/1854 - 8/19/1903 & George Smith 12/8/1849 - 7/26/1939.
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Helene Schmidt This lady looks a lot like Gloria Gladys Payne who was a daughter of Ralph Jesse and Martha Ann "Mattie" Smith Payne in Powderly, Lamar County,TX. She also looks a lot like Helen McEntire whose mother, Martha Rose Turner was a daughter of Nancy Tellitha Smith and James C. Turner in Powderly, Lamar County,TX.Except that Helen wasn't born until 1924. The Paynes and Hookers were related. Mary Elizabeth Smith married Edward Webster "Ed" Hooker. Mary and Martha Smith were apparently sisters.
Jan 26, 2005 · posted to the photo Unknown female, member of Hooker Family
Helene Schmidt If your Bass family has any relatives in Lamar County, TX, you might be related to us! Please e-mail me.
Mar 04, 2003 · posted to the photo Rebecca Pate
Helene Schmidt If your Belknaps are related to the Binnion family of Lamar County, TX and most recently of Odessa, Ector County, TX, I think I know who they are. Please e-mail me.
Mar 04, 2003 · posted to the photo Clay and Nix
Helene Schmidt The young man looks like Elmo Smith's father but I can't place the young lady. Post it on the Ellis or Lamar County, TX site at ancestry.com and someone might know.
Mar 04, 2003 · posted to the photo Photo of Unknown Couple
Helene Schmidt WE have Spanns who married into our Smith family from Lamar County, TX originally and there are some who lived in Eden, TX according to the family history that someone sent to me. The lady here looks like a SMITH.
Mar 04, 2003 · posted to the photo unknown photo
Helene Schmidt Is it possible that you all have finally located the Confederate Army photo of William Smith of Lamar County, TX??? He's my great-great grandfather!
Mar 04, 2003 · posted to the photo Confederate Cavalryman
Helene Schmidt This lady looks just like one of our OK Smith family members! I m not sure we have Hightowers in our family but we have everybody else in Lamar Co.
Mar 04, 2003 · posted to the photo Mrs. Emma Sanders
Helene Schmidt I come from the SMITH family and we have numerous relatives from Coffee County, TN. Please contact me!
Mar 04, 2003 · posted to the photo Unknown people in Corsicana, Texas
Helene Schmidt Mrs. Jetton was either a Bass before her marriage to Mr Jetton or her mother was.They are related to us.PLEASE e-mail me!
Mar 04, 2003 · posted to the photo The Lady Needs a Name
Helene Schmidt Try posting it on the Lamar County, TX board at ancestry.com. Your folks may be related to me too.
Mar 04, 2003 · posted to the photo WHICH Robert Lee Hightower?
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