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About: Paternal (mostly VA in Culpeper Co. area: Bowen, Payne, Holtzclaw, Huffman/Hoffman, Nethers, Foushee, Crigler, Blankenbaker (and many other Germanna lines in Virginia) Maternal: (in Anne Arundel Co., MD into D.C. & from co. cork, Ireland) Drury, Donegan, Hurley, Poore, Noland, Shea, Poore, Iiams, Stockett, Plummer, Wells...

Researching: Payne, Bowen, Hurley, Huffman, Blankenbaker, Shea, Holtzclaw, Donegan, Drury, Crigler, Foushee

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Olda Ellen Bowen was b. 09 July 1897 in Culpeper Co., Virginia. She married Walter Ellis Aumack on 23 Dec 1922. Tragically, she died on her 2nd wedding anniversary in Alexandria, Virginia. She and Walter had one child, a daughter Olda Inez Aumack. olda is my paternal grandaunt and sister to Kermit Eugene Bowen, also pictured on this site.
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My granduncle Kermit Eugene Bowen, b. 10 June 1908 in Brandy Station, Culpeper County, Virginia to James William Bowen and Savilla Nethers Bowen. He died January 1973. While in WWII, he met an English nurse, Betty Harland. The married and after the war, they lived in the U.S., lastly in Belle Meade, Maryland. Kermit was one of 8 brothers and 3 sisters (2 of whom, twins, died young).
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This is my maternal grandfather, b. abt. 1889 in Washington, D.C. to John Samuel Drury (Sr.) and Alice Matilda Mason Drury. He married Ella Elizabeth Donegan in 1912 in Washington, D.C. They had three children, John Samuel Drury, b. 18 Feb 1914, Mary Elizabeth ("Betty") Drury, b. 11 Oct 1916, and my mother, Jane Marie Drury, b. 12 Nov 1932. John was a salesman, the a sales manager for coal & ice companies in D.C.; he was employed by J. P. Agnew Coal & Ice from about 1910 to 1945, when he had to retire due to poor health. He & Ella first lived on Warren St., in SW D.C., then moved to 39th St., NW, in Glover Park in the early- to mid-1930s. he died when mother was only 15, so I never go tto know him. All who did know him spoke highly fo his humor, mild personality and kindness.
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I am not sure where photo was taken. May have been army base at Ft. Myers, Virginia. Dad was in 4 years, then another two years after being out a couple of years. I believ this is first photo of him upon completion of basic training. he was born 30 June 1919 in Brandy Station, Culpeper Co., VA. he married Jane Marie Bowen in May 1958 in Washington, D.C. his parents were Mollye E. Payne and Lucian Walker Bowen, Sr. (yes, thy spelled their first names differently!)
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Taken at Jameson Studios in Culpeper. These are a set of my paternal great-grandparents. James taught school and was a merchant. His father was George Walker Bowen. Savilla's parents were Arnold Nethers (served in the Civil War) and Ellen Huffman (Germanna descendant).
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