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Need info on the birth of Lewis Charles Payne, born in Wales 1823, died Melbourne Australia 1875
Nov 06, 2019 · Reply
My great, great grandfather, Joseph Payne was born in Gaston County NC around 1843 and died in 1912. He was the husband of Sara Roxanne Clark. they had about five children four of whom I think I know: Sally Payne Groves, Dorse Fate Payne (my great grandfather), John Payne, Lillie Payne Pearson and Mary Payne. He served in the civil war at the rank of sergent. I don't know who his father was; however, I'd like to know if anyone could provide the information.
Mar 01, 2010 · Reply
My grandfather is William L. Payne, born in 1867 believe to be in Mississippi. Later on in his life he moved to Van Zandt county, Tx. and the later he moved to Bear creek, Sabine county and back and forth his hold life. He married Octivane[Queen Victory]Lowe in Sabine county,Tx. They had Sudia,Robert,Danial, James, Johnnie while living in Sabine county. I havn't found any marrige records, but I have found birth records of their children. He die about 1914, no death record.I believe that his father was James Charles Payne born 1838 or 1840 married Anna Eliza Smith in Pontotoc 1863, found in Monteray Ca. 1880, with children; James Benjamin 1864, Charles, Lewis, Dee, Mollie,Eliz, William. I am not sure about any of this and would like any help I can get.
Oct 09, 2008 · Reply