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Unknown man. Most likely belongs to either the John H. Bartow or Asa White Family. Back of photo: J.G. Brayton, Napa City.
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On the back: "Ettie to Grandma". J.G. Brayton, Napa. Possibly a member of the John Bartow or Asa White Family Grandma was probably either Saphronia White Bartow, or Emma Williams Bartow.
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I believe these are the same three girls. Most likely from the John Bartow or Asa White Families that settled in California in late 1840's. Pictures were taken by "Brayton" in Napa, Ca.
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"Flaglor & Gregor's Improved Enameled Cards Eureka....Humboldt Co., Cal" writen below picture
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This could be Aime Roy WILLIAMS, son of Henry Franklin and Minnie (HELIOT) WILLIAMS. Picture taken in Colorado Springs, Co.
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Emma was daughter of Henry and Marina Williams (Ct.) and was married to Frank Bartow. On back of picture: A.P.Flaglor Photographer. Eureka, Humboldt, Cal
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Who is this lady?
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Could be a member of the John Bartow/Sophronia White family.
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Kathy Brown If you send me you mother's family names and I'll compare them with who I have. Be exciting if we could make a match! Kathy
Aug 18, 2004 · posted to the photo Unidentified family
Kathy Brown I don't really know if this child's name is "Aime". He was just the only boy of about that age in Co. Springs I could find in our family. It sure might be a girl, tho! Thanks for the interest. Kathy
Aug 14, 2004 · posted to the photo Young Williams Boy?