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Leeann Boone This is a story that my uncle told me at my grandma's funeral. Pretty much the only fact that I have right now is that my grandfather Oscar Boone along with his parents Louis and Mary Boone and 2 brothers Dominic and Ferdinand are shown on a passenger list for the Lapland returning from Antwerp,Belgium in June 1912 just 2 months after Titanic sank. Now the rest is just hearsay but given what we know about Titanic I really wouldn't be surprised if its true. Louis and Mary Boone immigrated to the United States in the 1890s (1894-1896 period) and naturally since they didn't have much money they couldn't bring all their belongings over with them at that time so they were going to have them sent over later. Well from what I hear, their belongings were supposed to be sent over on the Titanic, so I assume Titanic was going to go back to Belgium on her second voyage since she'd already been only a couple days out from New York when she sunk. So Mary and Lous their young sons (Alice wasn't born until 1915) set out for Belgium (on a currently unknown ship) to retreive their things. I'd known for couple years that the family went back to Belgium, but I'd always thought that it was so the children could meet the family that didn't come over. Not that they'd be going over there to retreive belongings that were meant to be on the Titanic. I fell in love with Titanic when I first saw the James Cameron movie "Titanic" (more specifically I fell in love with Leonardo DiCaprio/Jack Dawson!) But never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that I could have even the slightest connection to what was once called "The ship of dreams!" What makes me think that it could really be true even to an extent is that the ship that brought my family back from Belgium in June of 1912, Red Star Line's Lapland, was hired by the White Star Line in April 1912 to return the Titanic crew to England after being held in New York for questioning about that fateful night. Now we can't find records of when the family left the U.S.A. if they indeed went to retrieve belongings that means they left after hearing about the Titanic sinking. I just found out that the Lapland was hired to return the crew a few days ago and now I can't stop wondering "could my family have left and returned on the Lapland? Could they have met the surviving crew of Titanic?" Unfortunatly for me my grandpa Boone was 29 years older than grandma and all the Boone's that would know of this are all gone so I may never have answers to any of those questions. If its not true then it was finding out all this other info that I would've known had I not been researching it. If it is true then I thank god that the stuff wasn't on the Titanic that April night because whatever they were haveing sent to them meant enough to Louis and Mary that they'd wait 10 years to see their things again. Anyway thats my story. I don't how much is true.
Apr 22, 2012 · posted to the surname Boone