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Families researching: Blackford, Broad, Champion, Clarke, Crowley, Cummings, Cummins, Curno, Curnow, Dawson, Ellard, Ffoard, Hall, Hancock, Haycroft, Hayward, Howard, Hutchison, Jenkins, Johnson, Juleff, Kemp, King, Lavender, Lofty, Luke, Lumley, Madden, Mccready, Mcgrath, Morrow, Nicholls, Roy, Savage, Somerville, Spice, Steele, Trevena, Veal

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Louise Roy I've been doing my neighbour's family tree. If you are interested in Rosewarnes of Paul region Cornwall, also spelt Rosewarn, please check it out: http://www.tribalpages.com/ User ID Mortlock John Rosewarne, a farmer, married Julia Mann and migrated to Australia in 1849 to the Goulburn region. When he was 39, he was riding his horse home when it took fright at a snake and he fell and was killed.
Oct 31, 2006 · posted to the surname Rosewarne