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Lynette Davey 9-2-04 - I was wondering if this is the same Mae Belle (Simmons) Cannon that married Arthur Revelle on 7-28-1928 in Jackson County, FL? If so, can anyone give me any information on Arthur Revelle, such as birth & death dates? Did Mae Belle and Arthur have children? Does anyone know where Mae Belle is buried? Can you please give me Mae's birth and death dates as well as her marriage date to James Allison Cannon? Did she and James have only the three children Betty Jean, Paul and James Wilbur Cannon? Thanks for your kind attention and for posting the photos. Lynette Davey at
Sep 02, 2004 · posted to the photo Grandmother Mae Belle Revelle
Lynette Davey Are there any dates on this woman (birth, death, marriage?) Who were her husband(s)? Did Roxie live in Southeast MO? Any information would be appreciated. Lynette (
Sep 02, 2004 · posted to the photo Roxie Diana Emery Tripp
Lynette Davey Is this William Hager Roark "Bill" related by any chance to Acie Roark of Elsinore, MO in Carter County? Do you have birth and death dates on William, or where he was born or buried? Lynette Davey
Oct 13, 2004 · posted to the photo William (Hagar Bill) Roark in WW1
Lynette Davey Can you please put the first name of this Sgt. Wilson in your description? Do you have a birth and/or death date and place of burial? Exactly where was he and the other men in this photo? Lynette Davey
Oct 14, 2004 · posted to the photo More Agressor Forces
Lynette Davey Hello Sherry, Sorry to not have responded to your email you say you sent me earlier. I guess I deleted it possibly by mistake??? I am researching Revel/Revell/Revelle folks and Tripp/Triplett/Tripplett folks. Many Tripps married into the Revelle line and vice versa. I cannot remember what information I sent you previously on Margaret and Guy Tripp. What I do show in files for them is as follows: Guy Goss Tripp (b. 1-1-1880 d. ?) married in 1905 to Margaret Jane "Jean" (McCrory) or (McCrorie) (b. 12-6-1882 d. ?). Guy was born in Maine and came to Canada about 1895. Is this couple you are speaking of? If so, please give me any information on their children, especially if one as you say, married a Revelle. Hope this makes sense for you. Lynette
Sep 11, 2004 · posted to the photo THOMAS GRANT REVELLE
Lynette Davey Can you tell me where Guy & Margaret were married? Were they married in 1905? Was Guy born 1-1-1880? Was Margaret born 12-6-1882? Do you have her death date? Do you know where they are both buried? Lynette (
Sep 02, 2004 · posted to the photo Tripp Wedding
Lynette Davey Hello Liz, Do you happen to know where this photo was taken? Do you have birth and death dates on Mary Ann Revill? Where is she buried? Where was she born and where did she die? Was she married? Great photo, thanks for posting it. I am researching the Revel/Revell/Revelle/Revill folks in SE MO and other states. Is Revill Mary Ann's maiden name or married name? I have other Revill's in my files, but no Mary Ann. Your assistance & time would be much appreciated. I have posted pictures under the surname Revelle in Lynette Davey Email address:
Oct 04, 2004 · posted to the photo Great, great grandmother