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Orlio's Ball Team, Chicago, Illinois. I think this was around 1910 or so. They lived in Chicago's Bridgeport neighborhood, so I believe their team was from that neighborhood. Roy Flynn is sitting on the far right. Walter Flynn is sitting second from left. I have not been able to find any info on the Orlio's Ball Team in Chicago. Could what was written on the back be a misspelling of Orioles?
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Photo of my grandpa, circa 1915, when he was working in Seattle. He was from Chicago, but was working in Seattle for about a year.
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Lynn Franger I remember going to Wadia's shop on Michigan Avenue in Chicago with my Mom when I was a kid. It was a very interesting shop, and she had such a selection. My Mom bought several pieces of jewelery from her. My grandmother also shopped there. Wadia was a very nice lady! Lynn McGoldrick Franger
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