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About: Researching: Lucas, Davies, Rice, Wlliams, Fraley, Cloud, Henderson, Adkins, Thurston, Pittaway (UK) Hunt (UK) Bishop (UK) Hayes (UK).

Researching: Hunt, Davies, Adkins, Hayes, Bishop, Rice, Lucas, Fraley, Thurston, Cloud, Wlliams, Hederson, Pittaway

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This photo is of Florence Lucas (nee Thurston) taken on the Michigan property in 1923. Florence was born in Ohio 1904. Daughter of Charles Sullivant Thurston and Katherine (nee Williams, of Welsh descent). Florence was the wife of James Wesley Lucas.
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This photo is of Artie Susan Lucas (nee Rice) just before she her death in 1930. Artie was born in Ky 1857. She was the wife of Joseph Josiah Lucas. Artie and Joseph had 10 children, (7 survived, 2 sons possibly died in mining accidents)
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This photograph was taken approx sometime between 1911 - 1925. James was born in Kentucky 1888.
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Mandy Latchu Thanks for sharing this info. It helps to turn our ancestors, kith and kin into real people not just a name on a peice of paper. Wendy Miller
Nov 06, 2005 · posted to the story Family Story about Frederick Fraley