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Updated Jul 13, 2020


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Early Hunts

These are the earliest records we have of the Hunt family.

1543 - Jul 5, 1615
1549 - 1575
1604 - 1693
1610 - Feb 22, 1686
1647 - Dec 12, 1680
1650 - Feb 6, 1681
1655 - 1693
1655 - Unknown
1696 - Feb 17, 1724
1696 - c. Feb 15, 1754

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Feb 27, 1959 - March 1986
Jan 18, 1933 - Oct 16, 2002
Apr 4, 1909 - November 1988
Nov 12, 1953 - Mar 26, 2010
Jun 29, 1943 - Jan 21, 2003
Aug 29, 1942 - Oct 27, 2006
Mar 20, 1919 - Dec 28, 2008
Dec 21, 1907 - October 1975
Aug 15, 1910 - January 1985
Oct 3, 1920 - May 23, 1988
Mar 23, 1898 - May 15, 1990
Aug 12, 1902 - April 1963
Feb 17, 1932 - Feb 11, 2009
c. 1989 - Unknown
c. 1957 - Unknown
c. 1873 - May 29, 1912
Unknown - Unknown
1876 - 1970
c. 1917 - Unknown

Hunt Death Records & Life Expectancy

The average age of a Hunt family member is 69.4 years old according to our database of 64,449 people with the last name Hunt that have a birth and death date listed.

Life Expectancy

69.4 years

Oldest Hunts

These are the longest-lived members of the Hunt family on AncientFaces.

1670 - Feb 29, 1786
116 years
Mar 19, 1862 - May 1977
115 years
Feb 6, 1889 - Feb 25, 1998
109 years
c. 1793 - Apr 17, 1902
109 years
Jan 2, 1897 - Sep 3, 2005
108 years
c. 1801 - Apr 13, 1909
108 years
c. 1836 - Oct 31, 1944
108 years
Feb 25, 1904 - May 11, 2011
107 years
Sep 11, 1886 - Oct 15, 1993
107 years
Apr 26, 1894 - Dec 7, 2000
106 years

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E. Bartosova - Ruperta /art pseudonym/
M. Bartos + Z. Bartosova b. Gruberova
M. Bartos + Z. Halamkova
Josef Bartos *26.12.1899, married 23.1.1924 Zuzana Steinhubelova 2.10.1899-6.9.1932 /her parents Pavel Steinhubel vineyardowner /his anestor could be Albrecht Steinhubel circa 1589-1600 died in Modra + Katarina b. Juranova - Juran comes from counts with predikat of Jur and of Pezinok or also of Svaty Jur who were in locality Jur and Pezinok in 13-16 century, had 10 castles and many properties and functions, also in Austria, Morava, Stajersko, Korutansko, oldest member is Hunt-Poznanovcov-Nitra zupan Tomas /, were taverniks, judges, mail royal garson /in French I forgot word, wine to cup to king/, till Sedmohrad princes, diplomats, captains, 1610 was created village Kralova near Modra and Matej Forgach was chief of village, 1650 was chief of village Martin Juran, beginning of 17th century tries go to this function also Jano Juran, occurs also Jan Juraj, exist today also Jurani, Juran... Hunt-Poznan divided to two families Forgach from Pezinok and Svaty Jur line Juran. Profesional literature and also lessons of history as source. Ancestors of Hunt-Poznan was house of Mojmirovci or in Gotha almanachs as Premysl/ Josef Bartos *3.3.1875 married 12.56.1872 Katarina Bartos b. Sodoma /her parents Jan Sodoma + Karina Klucikova/
Josef Bartos *8.9.1850-9.5.1813 + Maria Bartosova b. Dubek 5.9.1853 /her parents Jan Dubek + Edita Engler, maybe soldier Engler was found 1704 on one list, other ancestor could be evangelic parson 1683-1687 Jan Juraj Engler and sure ancestor is German evagelic preacher Michal Engler 1674 had to depart from Modra with Pillarik on hit of Habsburg court, he was asked to go to Modra as other parsons, so this was first settlement of Englers in this locality,/
Josef Bartos + Maria Pis /I found that surname Pisch also occurs here, so it can be ancestor or relative/
Teodorus Josephus ev. b. 11.3.1838 /or what is other locality so not Josephus 24.2.1837 Kralova vinice Michael Bartoss or -os + Anna Bojkovsky/
Martinus Bartos conditis civis et figulus

to other my family history and genealogy see surname Bartos, there is the list of surnames and persons

Pesko was found in near locality but other town - in Modra written that it was Pescheck also.
genealogy after Tomas:
Hunt-Poznan, Tomas, zupan of Nitra, religious person and great believer
Alexander and Sebus, zupan of Nitra, both were royal garcons,
/Tomas had Skalica, Bozin, Alexander Plavecky Stvrtok, Sebus Jur near Bratislava, Tomas died 1216/
Alexander had 3 sons
count Achilles I. and Kozma I. and Pavol I.
Kozma had son Achilles II. who died without children 1297
second branch:
Abraham II. of Jur, greatgrandchild of Tomas, grandchild of Sebus I. and son of Abraham I.
he had son Sebus and Peter
Sebus had sons Jan I. and Mikulas I.
countess Margita and Barbora
sons of Mikulas Mikulas II. and Juraj I. had Pezinok more than 50 years,
Juraj 1409 zupan of Bratislava
sons of Mikulas Juraj II. and Pavol III. and 4 sons of Juraj I. , Peter V., Ladislav III., Imrich II. and Juraj III.
of Pezinok Ladislav III.commanded army
Juraj III. youngest son of Juraj I.
founder of younger Jur branch
Juraj II. , Zigmund, brother Juraj III. had Devin and Kopcany by marriage after death of Ladislav Gorjansky
Tomas VII. died 1505, died branch
other branch Peter V., brother in law Juraj III:
Peter had wife Hedviga
Imrich III. and Ladislav IV.
1517 died last member of younger branch of Jur Peter VII.
then Frantisek and Wolfgang of Pezinok
Frantisek to Jur
Kristof II. main garcon of Maxmilian I.made covenant about dealing of properties to mother gave until she will live Borinka, to brother-in-law Puchain he gave Kopcany, he payed sisters
Kristof+Alzbeta from counts Salm of Neuburg, 1 daughter died little 1543, Hungarian cammer/komora got whole lordship.

Gold mines got counts of Jur and Pezinok to eternal possesion 24.6.1339.

H u n t - P o z n a n

Tomas, zupan of Nitra, the most old member of the house of Hunt-Poznan remembers in 1208, when he got area of Pezinok as donacia from king Ondrej II., some genealogs suppose the ancestors of this family we can look for probably in Great Morava or narrow after Great Morava, German histories says that origin of this family is German and comes from Altenburg /Hunt-Poznan/, Slovak historics says it has origin in old family nobles in surroundings of Nitra /Hont-Poznan/. Sebus I., son of Tomas, used "de Bozyn" /of Pezinok/ in 1216. Family of magnates of Pezinok and of Saint Jur. Today we have from times of counts of Pezinok only parts of castle and Roman-catholic temple build in gothic style in 14. century, it remembers in 1347. Under the chapel of Saint Anna are crypts where are burried some members of this family. Tomb stone of count Juraj /George/ is with the coat of arms, six arms star gold-red, he died at Wednesday before the holiday of Saint Dorota in 1426. Witness that counts gave to build this temple is that coat of arms are on the walls of the temple and on the pulpit from 1523 in renesance, cut from one piece of stone. Tomb plates are besides altar. The coat of arms contained gold moon and gold star on the red field and it says that counts of Pezinok took from it gold moon and counts of Jur took from it gold star. Family is called also Hont-pazmany.

To Family Juran which is in books that also Forgach and Svatojursky and creation of surnames comes from Hunt-Poznan. Sources are bellow and also text-books of Elementary schools and lessons of history, teacher of history told us about Juran and in text book was Sencan or which one. Also other sources.
Here is Svatojursky used Szentgyorgyi, Pezinok counts had Bazini, also derived from the town, for example Jur - Juran as also Senec - Sencan, Ilava - Illavay, Ilavsky, Coat of arms of Jan Forgach /Pezinok branch/ from 1441 and 1446 shows that the virgin is on the coat of arm and is weared and instead of the helmet it goes from the crown and two halfmoons are not here, but two wings, is read weared, in book is this virgin on blue backround with white clothe on the head and crowned with crown with cross. Here existed in other centuries also many other variations of the coat of arms. See many other information in book Rodove erby na Slovensku Kubinyho zbierka pecati from Jozef Novak and Jan Milan Dubovsky Peripetie Slobody /Pezinska citanka/ also containing good history of Pezinok especially things which are not in large book about history of Pezinok and book about archives Statny okresny archiv Bratislava - vidiek from Jan Dubovsky with lists of matters you can find in archive, some archives were in Wien in the past I read.

See list of surnames and other information when looking surname Bartos on [external link]
there is also correction of genealogy and double genealogy, till Juran it is okay from matrika office and birth certificate
Mar 02, 2006 · Reply
Lois FettersHunt
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I am looking for George Marion Hunt and his wife Lucy Leet. They were origionally from New York, at least she was. I cannot find any family for George other than himself. Please help. The family later migrated to Illinois and I have their buriel in Mt Carmel.
Jun 04, 2006 · Reply
Kathleen Brown
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Hi All, I have just found your web site and found the details of my grandfather Thomas Francis Hunt. Thomas was born in Edinburgh Scotland in 7 September 1912. He was the youngest of 9. He married Ivy Budge in 1937 and had 5 children the eldest being my father. He was killed in Eastern Europe and is buried in Cologne. It appears your records
may need amending.
Oct 27, 2014 · Reply
Kathy Pinna
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Hi Kathleen! Please go to your grandfather's page and feel free to edit any information on there.
Oct 27, 2014 · Reply
Kathleen Brown
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Hi Kathy Thanks for your reply, I am happy to edit this information but before i do I would like to know where or how my grandad fits in to your family tree.
Nov 06, 2014 · Reply
Kathy Pinna
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Kathleen - He's not on my family tree, sorry. I am Content Manager for AncientFaces. I just wanted to let you know that you can edit your grandfather's details and create a memorial for him - for free.
Nov 06, 2014 · Reply

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