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Martha Vandver The location of this story is Vicksburg, Warren County,Mississippi, May 18-July 4th 1863. My great-Grandfather William Lafayette Yates and his brother Thomas Eli Yates served in the 40th Regiment-Company G,Mississippi Infantry of The Confederate Army. My Great-Grandfather William F. Yates told my Grandfather Robert Darling Yates, stories about the perils of the Civil War.How they had to lay in the narrow trenches,pits and holes with not enough room to extend their arms.It would be very hot during the day and cold at night. being under constant fire and being necessarily on the alert. Fed on reduced rations of the poorest kind of food.My Great-Grandfather said at times they had to eat rats and horse meat to keep from starving to death. On the 4th of July 1863,Lt. Gen.John C. Pemberton surrendered after prolonged siege operations. In a offical report by Maj. Gen.John H. Forney he wrote,The siege of Vicksburg was a contest which tried more endurance and resolution of the men and their company and regimental commanders than the skill of their generals. My men during their seige did their duty and their whole duty to the entire satisfaction of their general. The patience with which my troops submitted to the privations and hardships to which they were subjected,and the unabated courage and cheefulness which they sustained throughout, are worthy of all praise,and merited a better fortune. JNO.H. FORNEY, Major-General.
Mar 01, 2005 · posted to the surname Yates
Martha Vandver In the year of 1943-The following article was taken from the Houston Waves,house organ of the Houston Ship Building Corporation,of Houston,Texas. "Clarks Carry on at Jobs Despite Sudden Loss in Ranks" Inspired perhaps by the thought that the men at the battle fronts have to plod ahead in the face of adversity, John B. Clark and his four sons are carring on in their Houston Shipyard tasks these days despite the sadness occasioned by the loss of a fifth and elderest son on November 13th,John E. Clark,40, met death in a traffic mishap as he was returning home after performing his nightly duties as a mechanic in the Yard garage on the Graveyard Shift. "The death of John E. struck us pretty hard, but we've still got our war jobs to do and I know he'd want us to carry on right here," commented the father, who is a welder's helper on the Day Shift. Even though their ranks have been reduced to five, the Clarks undoubtedly constitute one of the most unusual war-working families in the nation. The Swing Shift boasts three of the sons,The Day Shift has the father and one son, while John E, was the lone Graveyard man. Natives of Palestine, Texas, they came to Irish Bend Island for two reasons,in their own words were,"to do war work and buy bonds." First to come to the Yard was Olan B.,28 who came here almost two years ago. He's a mechanic in the Burners' Tool Room on the Swing Shift. His brothers later folowed suit and finally the father,"getting the spirit of the thing and feeling lonesome at home",came to Houston, too. He's 62 but he's on the job regularly. Besides Olan B., the Swind Shift also has Vernon L., and Elmer D. both shell plate straightener. Although all the Clarks are married, they do more than their share of bond buying. Prior to John E. death, four were buying a bond a week,one was getting one every two weeks and the sixth was averaging one a month. With the Clarks, Patriotism comes first!!
Feb 22, 2005 · posted to the surname Clark
Martha Vandver I am seeking information on the Clarks of New York And Vermont( I know that covers a lot of territory)My 3rd great-grandfather was born in New york his name was Loren Grant Clark, his father was born in Vermont,Mother in NY,(names unknown)Loren Clark Came to Louisiana in the early 1840's then moved on to Texas. Any info would be apprecated. Mvandver
Feb 11, 2008 · posted to the photo H. Austin Clark
Martha Vandver What state are your Parker's from? I am related to the Parker's who came from Illinois to East Texas around 1833.
Nov 01, 2007 · posted to the photo Parker Family
Martha Vandver Whate state are your Parker's from? I'm relatrd to the Parkers who came from Illinois to East Texas.
Nov 01, 2007 · posted to the photo Parker Family
Martha Vandver "THE CLARKS CARRY ON"... To read the newspaper article about, "THE CLARK FAMILY" go to Family are Military Stories. MV
Feb 22, 2005 · posted to the photo The Clarks Carry On...
Martha Vandver I am a decendant from the William Lafayette Yates family of Neshoba County, Mississippi,Who moved to Ratclif, Houston County, Texas around 1890.Could there be any connection to your Yates family? But thre was serval of the family who stayed in MS. I have alot of info on my Yates line. Martha (Yates ) Vandver
Feb 21, 2005 · posted to the photo Ollie Mae Bell Yates