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New Mexico, 1918, Father's day. Jim Lafferty holding son William Browning Lafferty and with them are Jim's son Joseph Cole Lafferty: They just finished a horse ride and Jim (James Annis) Lafferty also known as Santiago Lafferty isholding his son William Browning Lafferty and his son Joseph Cole Lafferty beside them.
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New Mexico circa 1910, Ode to my father Jim (James) Annis Lafferty, also known as Santiago: Our father had 3 wives and with each he had children. Jamettie had 7 sons and 3 daughters. Martina had 2 daughters, Josefa had 3 sons, a stillborn and a daughter. Total of 17 children. Some died as infants and others grew up to make their mark on this world. posted by Mary Josefina Lafferty Wilson the last of dad's children.
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This was found among the photos of James Annis Lafferty born 1875 in Texas. Who was in Mexico pre 1900 and in 1924 he was in Janos area of Chihuahua, Mexico. It was a friend of his and could have been a Mormon from the area there of Dublan or Ciudad Juarez. My dad Jim Lafferty went to Mexico in 1922 and stayed there until 1942. submitted by his 16 child. Mary Josefina Lafferty Wilson
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Photo was taken on the Rancho De Piedras that Jim Lafferty and others leased for their cattle. Slim Sims I believe his first name to be Thomas Sims of Playas, Hidalgo County, New Mexico and my father Jim Lafferty / "Santiago" of James Annis Lafferty b. 1875 in young county Texas. The photo is in my posession and I am his youngest daughter Mary Lafferty Wilson born 1942.
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Photo take by father of Mary Lafferty Wilson b 1942. Taken by Jim (Santiago) / James Annis Lafferty b 1875 in Texas. People in photo are Tom Lea of El Paso, TX mayor, Dr Stovall who I believe to be an archeologiest. Tom Armstrong who was Sherrif of El Paso Texas and Slim Sims who worked with my dad Jim Lafferty at the cattle ranch. May have been Thomas Sims. Location is Cliff dwellers houses in Sierra Madre Mountains in Mexico date 1931.
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Back of the photo taken by my father Jim / James A. Lafferty b 1875 Texas in possession of his daughter (myself) Mary Laffety Wilson b 1942. There were several photos taken around this time that I will post.
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Back of photo Jim Lafferty friend ==Left to right: Tom Armstrong, Tom Lea, Slim Sims, Howard Alley, Dr Stoval with hand on post, Chave Pavlanco right. In an Indian Camp in the Sierra Madre Mountains. Photo take by Jim Lafferty 1922 of 1923. These men along with Truman Spencer, Lloyd Taylor, Polk Corn of New Mexico and with him his oldest son Joseph Cole Lafferty. They went into Chihuahua.
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In 1922 my father Jim Lafferty and others took 3,000 steers and 300 horses to the area around Colonia Dublan, Janos, Casas Grandes, Chihuahua, Mexico. My father stayed there for another 20 years. This was among his photos. I have no idea as to his relationship to our family. It was one of many photos. Dad had. On the back of the photo in my dad's handwriting it says Floyd Gage Jan 10, 1924 Colonia Dublan.
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This was taking at our mothers family reunion. John lived in San Diego and Mary lived in Louisiana at that time. Children of James Annis Lafferty born 1875 in Texas and Josefa Lujan Lucero born 1913 in Casas Grandes, Chihuahua, Mexico. John died in 2006.
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