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Patrick Best

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Researching: Larocque, Barker, Howard, Atkinson, Pomeroy, Best, Gariepy, Howse, Fidler, Gardipee, Fiddler, Pomeraie, Pomeray

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This picture was taken right after the harvest was brought in. The young man holding the cat is unknown. Left to right is Percy Best(younger boy), Belle Best(older girl), Jane Best(younger girl), Bessie Barker-Best and John Cecil Best. Percy John Terence Best passed away on June 8, 2010. He was predeceased by his father John Cecil Best in 1989 and by his mother Bessie Barker-Best in 2000.
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This picture is of my maternal grandfather Ezra Howard and some of his sibblings which became aunts and uncles of mine.
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John Howard fought in the Civil War. He and his wife, Mary Ann Ayers-Howard also were plantation owners in Missouri. It was one of their sons, Fernando James Howard who along with his wife and sibblings, became homesteaders in Northern Saskatchewan in 1905. I am a Howard Descendant on my mothers side of the family. Feel free to email me for further information.
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Here Bert Howard is paning for Gold to make a living.
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Mary Ann Ayers was married to John Howard, who was born in 1913. They became plantation owners in Mississippi. There is a book published titled "Thomas Howard of Colonial America", this is about his father and their descendants. I am one of those descendants, but the last two people mentioned in this book are my great great grandparents Fernando James Howard and his wife, Alice Catherine Pomeroy-Howard. They became pioneers and homesteaders in Northern Saskatchewan in a district called "North Bend" in 1905. For more information, you can email me at
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Fernando and Catherine were homesteaders in Saskatchewan. This they did in 1905 and moved from Kansas, USA. He was born in Broome County, New York and she was born in Geauga County, Iowa. So how these two pioneers met will never be known. They came to Canada with their five sibblings, the Campbell Family which one of them had already married before they left the States. When they left to travel north, they left behind many a good friends and family to be adventurous. They all have since passed on but their descendants have scattered are all across Canada and the United States.
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This photo was taken in about 1932 of Mathilda Howse-Sanderson with her daughter Bertha. It was taken at William Sanderson & Mathilda's homestead in Manitoba. Mathilda was the sister to Robert Alexander Howse and a great great grand-daughter to the Fur Trader Joseph Howse, who came from Cirencester, England in the late 1700's with the Hudson's Bay Company.
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This picture was taken the year before Joseph ventured from Ontario to Saskatchewan in 1897. Carolina had her first child in August of 1896 then the following year she and her son travelled westward to join Joseph at Glen Ewen Saskatchewan, where they homesteaded and now rest peacefully along with their sibblings in the cemetary near Glen Ewen. They became the patriach and matriach of a very large family that live now throughout Canada from coast to coast.
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Joseph came from Cirencester, England as one of the first employees of the Hudson's Bay Company to what was called "Ruperts Land". He became known in history and there is a mountain, a pass and a river named in his honour by David Thompson, who was a Canadian Fur Trader also.
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This picture was taken in the spring of 1896 just before Joseph headed west to Saskatchewan to join his brother John there. Together their families lived in the Glen Ewen area in Saskatchewan. Caroline came west in 1898 when her first born son was just afew months old. He, Arthur Best, became the first of five boy and one girl that was born to Joseph and Caroline. Today in the year 2005, Joseph, Caroline and their sibblings lay resting in the cemetary of Glen Ewen, Saskatchewan. May the all rest in peace.
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Patrick Best Mary Ann Ayers was born in April 1813 instead of 1913.
Patrick Best Carolina maiden name was Franks and I am just starting to collect names from that Family Tree.
Apr 06, 2006 · posted to the photo Joseph and Carolina Best
Patrick Best Robert Best's Jr's grandparents were from Armagh, Ireland.
Feb 27, 2006 · posted to the photo Best Family