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This includes 5 photos. Pictured: John Thomas & Absolam B.; Nancy (sister of Absolam B.); Edna Jane & John Thomas; Lilly Mae, Roy Absolam, Dora Ann, Henry Paul, & Alma Rose; Vera & Paul.
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John Thomas Davenport & Edna Jane Lewis Davenport.
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The picture is Nona Crane Burns--Estella Catherine Crane --William Clarence Crane --Kent Joseph Crane -- Vera Crane Davenport--Adkins. They are all Cranes resting in Gott Cemetary in Miller County Missouri with other Cranes in the cemetary.
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This couple could be connected to the Crane, Davenport, or Markle families.
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David Boltz, father of Rachael Crane.
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Virgil Vest Markle, b. 6/28/1893 d. 3/20/1903. Killed in a farm accident.
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Paul Davenport (b 1912) and Vera Crane Davenport (b 1914).
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Lady on left is Estella Catherine Markle Crane. The Man is John Crane -- then His wife Rachael Boltz Crane-- in Front seated is Nancy Jane Horton Markle. All lived and died in Miller County Missouri. If anyone is searching.
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Paul Dport I knew a Riley Adkins from Carrollton Mo--would this be the same family? Paul
Jul 08, 2006 · posted to the photo Adkins Family
Paul Dport I have a picture of a stone that is in a private farm family STRODE cemetary in Jackson County Mo says:"JESSE WHITEMAN 1849-1912" Anyone searching for Him? There is about 30 Strode graves there with 1 WHITEMAN. Bet there is a story. I find no Strode in A F . Paul
Feb 02, 2005 · posted to the photo Four Unknown Photos
Paul Dport Hello: Seems the Whiteman name and pictures are scarce. I have a picture of a stone thats in a private farm in Jackson County Mo STRODE graveyard that says:"JESSE WHITEMAN 1849-1912". Anyone looking for Him? Paul
Feb 02, 2005 · posted to the photo Three Unknown Girls
Paul Dport Hello:Hensley-- Horton I made a comment about a Hensley-Horton, but it got lost. Just Vanished and I tried every way to re-cover as I put some time composing and it is heartbreaking when it goes away like that. My comment:My Grandmother's Mother was Nancy Jane (Horton)Markle. I they were related to Hensley. They lived and died in Miller County Missouri. Back some 65 yrs ago I went to a 1 room school to that had a beautiful Sweet Young Girl teaching. Dorothy Hensley. Could You possibly be that Dorothy? Me and all the other students loved her. She prob was in or close to her her first years of teaching as she was young. I often thought of her and can see her in My mind now. My how she stays so young. My sister and I walked the 1 mile home with her every day. I once talked her out of her eversharp pencil My sister told on Me and My parents made Me give it back. Thanks for the memories --Paul
Aug 08, 2004 · posted to the photo David Hensley Horton
Paul Dport Hi, Paul again--My Grandmother's Mother -Nancy Jane picture are in the Markle and Crane picture on Ancient Faces. Also Nancyand dau Estella Markle Crane. Paul
Aug 05, 2004 · posted to the photo Curtis & Connie Horton
Paul Dport The mystery lady I still don't know, but My relation was a Mark Margaret Markley b Aug 22 1828. Landed in New York a young girl. There are a Mary Markley and a Ludwick in an old census in Tuscarawas County OH. Cindy has records of. My relation Mary M married a John W Horine and they lived and died in Carrol County Missouri. Could this be a link to Yours? Bonnie
Jul 25, 2004 · posted to the photo Mystery Woman in Checked Dress
Paul Dport Hello: My relation was named Mary Margaret Markley b Aug 22 1828 --Came to New York as a young girl. has relation same last name--and she shows a Mary and Ludwick Markley in Tuscarawas Co Ohio in an old census. My Mary Margaret married a John W Horine and they lived and died in Carroll County Missouri. I have NO record of a Ludwick and his family or what happened to Him. Could this be a link to You and Yours and or- Mine? Bonnie D
Jul 25, 2004 · posted to the photo Rev. Franklin G. Markley and wife Gertrude E.
Paul Dport Msshirley: My ancestories were Mary Margaret Markley b Aug 22 1828. Landed in New York as a young girl. At one report had a Mary Margaret and a Ludwick Markley in Tuscarawas Co. OH. (We think that these were My relation) M M Markley married John W Horine and they ended up in Carroll County Missouri. Buried in the Old German Cemetary in Norborne Missouri. Could this be relation or any connection to Yours? There is other pictures of Markley on A F also.
Jul 25, 2004 · posted to the photo Unknown Ancestor Fitch?
Paul Dport Virgil Vest was son of Nelson Delbert(Pen) and Nancy Jane Markle (Mo) . One of many children. Otie Franklin and Lee (twins) /Mitchell //Allen Cleve Aurilla/Edna/Estella/Lena (maybe more).
May 21, 2004 · posted to the photo Virgil Vest Markle
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