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Raney Family Oct 22, 2014
Who are the Raney's in the family? AND is it Raney or Rainey?
Ola (Webb) Lucas Oct 22, 2014
love this!!
I believe now that this picture was taken in NY during the 5o's and this was his gran-mother not aunt.
I don't know why the "mini bio" on the right shows this picture w/the name Lucy Ridsdale. I submitted a picture of a baggage ticket of Lucy's....this women is NOT Lucy Ridsdale but, her cousin (my...
Hilmar H.S. Calif. Feb 24, 2013
I don't know what happened since I posted this photo but, my dad's name was Robert H. Johnson, NOT Robert W. Johnson.
Claude Allen Foote Feb 10, 2013
Hi Elena, I recall helping someone with this family a few years ago....was it you? I love to hear what you had uncovered!
Are you still looking for info?
Millie Spence, KS Jun 06, 2012
Millie was a Public School teacher, single & still living at home w/parents in KS as of 1910.
Ridsdale Reunion Mar 31, 2012
Since posting this picture, I've found several newspaper articles...apparently the Ridsdale's held quit a few family reunions!!
what a beautiful picture! I'm not related but, thought you might like to know (if you don't already), that you can find death cert. for your family on Ohio Deaths 1908-1953
I'de like to help you ID the women in photo but, need some help. Your grandmother was born Beatrice H. Williams 'about' what year? I take it your aunt Thelma was born about 1919? What year was your...
Giant Redwood Sep 28, 2011
Photo taken in Yosemite Park.
Leon Johnson and son Sep 28, 2011
Taken in Modesto, CA
Dad in CA Sep 28, 2011
I believe the two people w/the baby are Francis Mitchell-McGavin & her husband Oris McGavin. My gran, Ina Mae Collins-Johnson is standing behind them
It would really help other researchers if you could be a name of state, maybe some sort of time period? If the family migrated over the years, you could mention several states. Anything would help.
Dad with relatives Jun 02, 2011
I am trying to 'date' this picture. Does anyone know what year the car is???
Family Oct 06, 2010
Vicki, I have found so much more info on your family. Please get in touch