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Thanks. I should have thought of that.
This may have been printed backwards.
Lyle is on the left end of the third row. His cousins David and Donald are standing in front of him and beside him.
She passed away in 2009 in Amarillo, TX.
So do you think Sarah is not in the picture at all? I can't remember if there was only one female in this picture.
Bob Brown Jul 25, 2009
Included in the pictures was Mr. Giblisco. His family found me and I sent them the Vietnam photos.
Other photos with this one included Mr. Giblisco. His family found me and I sent them the Vietnam photos.
Giblisco with pet Jul 25, 2009
Mr. Giblisco's family found me and I sent them the photo.
Charles birthday Jul 25, 2009
I could not read parts of this letter because of the handwriting. If you would like a photocopy of it to study please contact me.
Kodaking from Eula Jul 17, 2009
I'd never heard of Eula Clifton until I read these letters July 16, 2009. There are about six more from her.
Hardy B. Rhyne Dec 23, 2006
I found Hardy's son and sent him the photo. He didn't have any from that time period of his father's life.
I didn't recognize any of the names but the faces sure look a lot like my grandmother and her siblings. Their parents were Henry Franklin Montgomery and Nancy Lou Ellen (Runnells) Montgomery....
Charles Montgomery Jan 18, 2004
"He'd had a toe cut off as a kid & Grama Nancy had sewn it back and doctored it with kerosene." according to Mary
I'm looking for Thomas H. Cooney. For more info go to Beth
Effie Whatley Sep 26, 2003
I have a group picture that includes "Boots Whatley". I didn't know if Effie Whatley was your relative or not. Beth
I have no idea who these girls are or where the lived. The photo was in my grandma's stuff. I looked at your profile and didn't recognize any of the names. I'm anxious to see if your picture...
I don't know how common the name Swearingen is but there some that own the funeral home here in Seminole, Oklahoma. I'm sure if you did a search on it you would come up with an email address....