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Not that I remember. Do you know who were the parents of Edith Carr?
Thank you, Steve, for the correction.
Miracle Photo Nov 01, 2011
Correction: The second time and ever since, for me, her face is gone, replaced by the male pastor's in a straight forward position, not bowed.
John: Thank you so much for your corrections. Do you know what Alvah's wife's name was? Who died in 1912, Alvah or Willie?
Dear Carole: I am sorry, but I have no idea. Was that Wayne County in Indiana? If I find out anything, I will let you know. bjc
What was Papa's name and that of his wife?
Do you know what was the message that Robert bestowe on the Priors of St. John's. Thank you, Betty Jane Carl
I want to thank Marlene Hudson for the three pictures of Ann (Seely) Norval Abernathy I have put on this site.
Great story! Thanks for sharing. Betty Jane Carl
Four Generations Jan 17, 2007
Dear Tom: I enjoyed seeing this picture of the Partlows you placed on the site recently. Have you seen the three I put on about the Partlows? Betty (
Theft of a theif Oct 22, 2006
Thanks for sharing your intriguing story. Hope you see some of the money again.
The Bass Connection Aug 20, 2006
You ask the question whether all of Daniel and Elzabeth's children were born in Indiana. The answer is yes. Daniel and Elizabeth were married in Indiana, had their children there, and both died...
You might get a copy through the Texas Rangers Museum in Waco.
Dear Lee: I just now became aware for the first time that you added a comment to my picture "Ralph William Bennett, Orchestra Leader" back in November. I think the message didn't get to me then...
I feel the same way. I am so glad you noticed. Thank you for writing.
Jeannie: Thank you for writing. I can imagine that the fish was delicious also.
John: I have changed the wording above to clarify things. Whatever else I have about the family, if anything, is on I would be interested in knowing what you can add. Please...
David, I have added the birthdates of Ed and Fred Tyree to this picture and to the others of Ed. Thanks again. Betty