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My great-great-great grandmother.
Children should never be treated like criminals even if they are from a different race. Let us hope this never happens to any innocent child ever again.
My 3rd great grandfather.
My great-great grandmother.
My 4th great grandfather.
Levy children Jun 29, 2013
Can't imagine the infants and newborns had to suffer being in those terrible gas chambers.
Lederman family Jun 29, 2013
We must never forget how these families suffered.
Kuszer girls Jun 29, 2013
I can't see why they want to bury little innocent children alive to suffocate 50 inches underground.
Tomas Kulka Jun 29, 2013
I can't imagine they would do try to murder a sweet innocent boy. Such loony cowards!
Georges Andre Kohn Jun 29, 2013
I can't imagine people would give these innocent children medicine to kill them.
Paulette Gutmajnster Jun 29, 2013
Those rotten Nazis were nothing BUT miserable foolish buzzards.
Geraldine and her mother was murdered by a murderer named Reginald Christie. I don't know why he murdered them in the first place. But he had no right.
Burakowski twins Jun 29, 2013
Cute twins. Too bad they had to live a cruel death by cruel doctors just because they were twins.
Camille Sarnacka Jun 20, 2013
Let us never forget how these innocent little souls suffered. But now let us think that they are now in a better place with no pain and suffering, and no death.
Jenny Ommundsen 1904 Jun 19, 2013
SS Norge was actually a Danish ship that sank by colliding with a rock in the coast of Rockall near Scotland in June 21, 1904.
Francine Beirach Jun 19, 2013
God bless all those children who suffered the loss in the death camps.
Ronald Owens Jun 10, 2013
Ronald was born in Swansea, Wales and his family emigrated to the United States (Ellwood City, Pennsylvania ) in 1909 when Ronald was only 4 years old.