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Name: Pam Lawson
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About: I am married to a preacher.My maiden name is Carter.My papa was Alp Carter,and James Parker both deceased.I served in the Air Force for 4 years in Florida and loved it. Is there anyone out there that has any knowledge of my relatives.My papa parkers dad or mom was supposed to be a cherokee indian. If you have any information email me. pam
Surnames: Carter, Parker, Peace, Hoskin

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Defoix Parker Jul 25, 2013
on my moms side of the family there is parkers. Is Defoix kin to Albert parker,shafter,dewey,james amos or would you know. thank you
my family Jun 08, 2012
cherie, I dont know there parents name. I have been looking everywhere i know to find out there names. i was told he was born in 1861 nobody seems to not no there parents name.
Nellie Parker Jack Aug 31, 2011
Hi my grandpa was a parker. his name was James Amos Parker, do you by chance happen to know these parkers. His mothers name was Mary Madgeline Peace Parker/
you sure can tell shes a carter. all the ones i know have the big ears and the pointed nose.i am a carter also.