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Surnames: Collins, Lambert, Dashner, Chingway, Gervasi, Colantuono, Chaudoin

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I believe now that this picture was taken in NY during the 5o's and this was his gran-mother not aunt.
I don't know why the "mini bio" on the right shows this picture w/the name Lucy Ridsdale. I submitted a picture of a baggage ticket of Lucy's....this women is NOT Lucy Ridsdale but, her cousin (my...
Hilmar H.S. Calif. Feb 24, 2013
I don't know what happened since I posted this photo but, my dad's name was Robert H. Johnson, NOT Robert W. Johnson.
Claude Allen Foote Feb 10, 2013
Hi Elena, I recall helping someone with this family a few years ago....was it you? I love to hear what you had uncovered!
Are you still looking for info?
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