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Name: L.Renee Tatham-Salomone
Member since: Dec 28, 2005 3397 days old
Uploads: 50
Surnames: Allen, Long, Caldwell, Sprague, Tatum, Tatham, Royse, Royce, Tatam

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William Allen Feb 27, 2010
Did this William live in Ohio? Was his wife called Sabina? Thanks. REN
Hi! Can you give me Ethel's spouse.....I think we are cuz's. Renee
Unknown Jan 27, 2008
Do you have Trasher family in Indiana or Illinois? Ren
Hi Carol! I'm Renee Tatham Salomone, born in Ohio. I lived in California and knew Dixie English. Now I live in Colorado. I realized now I have some relatives who married Dragoo's. These...
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