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I am the grand-daughter of Catherine Weinzettel Allen. Catherine was married to George L. Allen. Catherine was the daughter of Louis Weinzettel, Sr. and Josephine (Weaver) Weinzettel. My parents names, Richard and Dolores Allen - both are now deceased. We are looking for any information there is on my father and my grandmother.
Jan 31, 2013 · Reply
According to One World Tree (Hang on.....) [Yes, a pun.]

We are related to an ex-slave: Richard Allen 1760-1831 through Mercy Briggs 1711-1775 wife of Peleg Card 1710-1784.

Richard Allen (1760-1831): Reverend, ex-slave
Richard Allen was an African American pastor and the founder of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. He was born as a slave to a colonial jurist. Relationship: 6th Cousin to William Peleg Card.

How accurate is this ?

One World Tree: “The Relationship Finder Tool is as accurate as the data we pull from One World Tree. The quality of each relationship shown is measured by stars (where 5 stars shows high probability of an accurate relationship.)"
None of those below are less that 4 out of 5 stars. #

It goes like this:

5th g grandmother of WmP Card 5th g grandmother of Richard Allen
Katherine Davis (1575-1619) [alt. Katherine Starkes (1605-1656)] ##

Joan Allen (1602-1639)***** Samuel Allen (1588-1648)****
Thomas Briggs (1633-1696)***** James Allen (1614-1676)****
Daniel Briggs (1655-1730)***** Joseph Allen(1652-1703)*****
Mercy Briggs (1711-1775)***** Jeremiah Allen (1690- ) *****
Peleg Card (1740-1777)***** William Allen (1712- )****
Peleg Card (1771-1831)**** Clifton Allen (1736- )****
William Peleg Card (1811-1878)**** Richard Allen (1760-1831)*****

(From William Peleg - Franklin William Card - Lela (Card) Bass-Raymond Franklin Bass-Raymond F. Bass ...Me)


Here's an interesting sidelight:

Unless President Barak Obama's mother's lineage shows African-Americans within it, none of the President's ancestors were slaves ...... but mine were.

Only in America.

What a country we have............and will always have.



Post Script. An additional and ironic element in this story is that Richard Allen married Sarah Bass......... rb

# As of this morning (19 January 2010), I have been able to connect the dots. It is most certainly accurate. rb

## I believe that it is Katherine Davis (1575-1619) that belongs at the top of the lineage shown and have adjusted accordingly. If not (this is called hedging) we already had Katherine Starkes in our tree in the same position in relation to Joan Allen. (I hadn't pursued Katherine's other children beyond Joan.) As you know, this is typical of the confusion over wives (often multiple) and dates from that long ago..... rb As an update, it seems possible that it may have been Katherine Starkes after all (this is hedging-2.) rb 09 Feb 2010
Jan 24, 2010 · Reply
hello my name is sidney allen but they call me craig. i am in the allen family out of the fort valley georgia area. also have relatives in the vidalia area but not sure how many.only on i heard of is my uncle hank [external link] grand father was william homer allen born in 1900.not sure were.if anyone has info about this side of the allen clan please e-mail me. thanks
Jul 31, 2009 · Reply