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About: I'm a 60 year old man who loves genealogy and family history...In Nov. 1992 I had a major heart attack and I died 5 times that night and I did go on the otherside and it was so wonderful and a voice told me " It was not my time to go and I must go back " I didn't want to come back but I did and from this point on I view life in a diffrent way, I tell my family everyday when I talk to them that " I Love Them Very Much " I alway's have a good word for someone. In general I love life and I'm not afraid to die for I do know I will be going to a place they call "Heaven". For that night in Nov 1992 the doctors told my family I will not survive through the night and I did and it changed my life forever.
Surnames: Whitt, Vest, Glasscock, Williams, Prater, Haney, George, Chitwood, Marsh, Hanna, Loomis, Cassidy, Ridgeway, Mcclendon, Kellogg, Cassel, Updyke

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