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Name: Elizabeth Burger
Member since: Feb 17, 2009 2170 days old
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About: Retired teacher, Charleston, WV. Past president, WVNOW. Christopher, Rightenour, Treverrow, Lingenfelter, Burger, Behner, Dreisbach.
Surnames: Burger, Christopher, Detwiler, Dreisbach, Lingenfelter, Rightenour, Treverrow, Behner

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There are also Detwilers buried in Hopewell PA cemetery. From where did the Detwilers emigrate?
Detwiler Jan 21
Any Detwilers from Hopewell PA or Toledo OH? Contact me at burgerbj@gmail.com or Facebook Bettijane Christopher Burger. Have you seen Detwiler Park in Toledo?
Stanley B Burger Aug 09, 2014
Are these Burgers' ancestors from Schwarzswald, Germany? Ours are from Cincinnati and Jasper IN.
3 Whisler girls Jul 10, 2013
Are these girls from near Benton Ridge OH where my great grandmother Mary Ann Whisler Dreisbach was from? Please email burgerbj@gmail.com
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