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Name: Margo Gorden Krieger
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About: I am researching several lines as much time as I get! The surnames I included for this site of photos ofcourse only includes those from the mid 1800's & later when photos became popular. My surnames are: Adams,Ashlock,Askren,Barclay,Barnes,Boren,Breshears,Bridges,Brown,Caldwell,Commins,Croly,Cummins,Davison,Dowel,Downs,Drake,Elliott,Elliotte,Elwood,Farmer,Foster,Giannasio,Girard,Gorden,Gordon,Grippa,Hilburn,Hobbs,Howe,Hubbard,Hutcheson,Inglis,James,Jolliff,Jolliffe,Jones,Krieger,Laman,Locke,Lowe,Mitchell,Montgomery,Odor,Pond,Proctor,Ragsdale,Slaughter,Steel,Steele,Stone,Terry,Vickrey,Vincent,Ziegler. If anyone is interested, please email. Some names I have much on, others I have little info on.
Surnames: Lowe, Jones, Foster, Gordon, Montgomery, Cummins, Hubbard, Adams, Barclay, Elliott, Howe, James, Davison, Proctor, Hobbs, Laman, Hilburn, Krieger, Gorden, Jolliff, Croly, Hutcheson, Ashlock, Commins, Giannasio, Girard, Grippa

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