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Updated Aug 06, 2022


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Chris Wilson commented on Aug 16, 2003
My great grandfather, James E. Foster, was maried 3 times. His second wife would have been my gr. grandmother. She died when my grandfather was only 4 years old. The family lived in Clinton, KY my mother believes, and moved to Missouri shortly after my gr. grandmother's death. My gr. grandfather then married an Elsey Dunlap in Charleston, Missouri. Mother says that grandfather told her that Elsey treaten my grandfather and his sister like house servants and made them do all the housework, laundry and cooking. She said one day, grandfather got tired of it and when Elsey told his sister, Beverly, to cook dinner, grandpa told her she was not doing it. Elsey then slapped grandpa, grandpa pushed her down and packed his belongings and left, never speaking the Elsey or his father again, he was 17 years old. When his father died, he was very wealthy but only left my grandpa $1, mean old man! We don't know my gr. grandmother's name, mom thinks it may be Elizabeth or Delores, she died in 1896. Email me with/for info!
Michael Foster commented on Sep 01, 2008
I am looking for family,my father aubrey jackson foster was placed in orphanage.I know he had a sister and two brothers.I am looking for info on his father byrd elliott foster his father garrett booten foster,his father william franklin foster.My fathers brothers name was hugh and haywood his sisters name was virginia.If anyone has any info on these people please e-mail me Thanks Mike Foster
Tom Whanger commented on Feb 04, 2009
Abijah Foster b.11-20-1768 (son of Samuel b.1742 who was son of Abijah b.1707) mar. Fanny Rogers b.3-5-1775 lived in Foster, NY near Owego. 10 children. Working on Daniel R. Foster b.6-2-1802 mar. Electa Rich b.10-26-1807 who built first Grist Mill in Foster Hollow 1836 Home may still be standing. 11 children Charles 1826, Holland II 1827, George 1830, Phidelia 1831, John R. 1833, Budd 1838, Wallace 1840, Perna 1842, Leonard (my line)1845 Narsis 1847 1847, Frances 1851. Interested in working with anyone on the Foster Family. (Abijah 1707 was son of Eleazerb 1684, who was son of Issac 1635, who was son of Geginald 1595)
Karen Foster-Montgomery commented on Oct 01, 2010
Orrin E. Foster, b. 7 Nov 1811 (alt: 10 Jan 1811), Vermont. d. 17 Dec 1843, (alt: 6 Feb 1845); Havana, Mason Co., IL. 22 May 1832, York County, Home District, Pickering Twp., Ontario, Canada, Clergy Land Lease: Concession 6, Lot 12. (Located near Elijah Foster, Horace Foster and Loren Foster.) 28 Aug 1832, married Rosina M. (Rosana) Rawson, in Sophiasburg, Upper Canada. Occupation in 1832: Yeoman; free tenant farmer; cultivated own land; honest, hard working, middleclass farmer; raised grain, vegetables and had some sheep herds. Aug 29 1833: York County, Home District, Pickering Twp., Ontario, Canada, Clergy Land Lease, Concession 6, Lot 8, 200 acres. Relocated to Havana, IL, 1835-1836. Possible parents due to strong circumstantial information (need further proof): Elijah Foster and Content Gleason. Known children of Orrin & Rosina Foster: Judson Rawson Foster, Caroline Foster, George Albert Foster and Anvilla Foster. If anybody recognizes Orrin E. Foster, please contact me.
Dianna Geisert commented on Sep 22, 2014
I am trying to locate the children and family of General P. Foster, born 1918 and married to Dortha Stratton Foster. General was the brother of my grandfather, John Benjamin Foster Jr.
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