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Surnames: Ellis, Thompson, Brown, Davies, Bryant, Mills, Boyd, Burton, Walker, Williams, Barker, Osborn, Houston, Stephens, Gardner, Shaver, Pratt, Cline, Rushton, Ice, Hixon, Couch, Oyler, Dickinson, Merkley, Knox, Grigg, Boss, Bartholomew, Virgin, Fairbanks, Turnbow, Dinsdale, Pell, Slator, Keep, Stata, Ettleman, Hinyard, Evatt

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Davies Jun 24, 2014
Jo, I can help you look for Ivor T Davies, I have an account that is pretty good at finding obituaries and death records. It would help if you could tell me Ivor's Fathers name,...
The couple behind Sarah Frances is Alice and Hans Hansen. Alice is a daughter of Amos Moses, and Hans is her husband.
Hannah Chapin Jun 12, 2004
Chapin Book doesn't say where she was born...just gives info on her as a child of Chester Chapin "of Heath, MA, Groton, NY, Leon, NY, & Waupun, WI" Chester born in Heath, married in Pelham, MA...
The man on the left is Hance Christian Hansen who married Alice Xarissa Virgin on 21 Sep 1898 at St Charles, Bear Lake, Id. The women on the far left must then be Alice Xarissa Virgin who is a...